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I created this comic just to incentive myself to draw more.
Here are the rules:
- I update an page at least two times a week - wednesday & sunday
- The contents, style, and whatever more will depend on the me on the day I write the page. (Depending on my mood I may even draw stick figures.)
- A page may be connected to other pages or not. I don't have any plot in mind for this.
- If in some point in time I start another webcomic and update a page to it, I may excuse myself from not updating this one. I may update the autor comment and point to that webcomic.


ninus hideon
ninus hideon
Well, I'm first and foremost a reader. Reading webcomics and fanfics is my main hobbie.
I like to play too, fighting games mainly.
That said, I like to draw a litle. And I have some fragments of stories to tell. Not complete stories, sadly. But I plan to tell some of these fragments some time in the future.

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The opposite of Long-cat: Short-raccoon.
ninus hideon
This is part one of a piece of a story that I've tried to write many times already, and always end giving up eventually, just to start all over again some months later... At least at each try I advance a little. Someday I hope to end the story and to draw it. For now, this is a piece that I'm almost certain will not change (after all it's the piece that I changed the most, and now I'm kinda satisfied with it).

PS: I just noticed that I forget to draw the dragon wings T.T
Author Note
ninus hideon
So, recently I changed my glasses, because my myopia degree got higher. While it's still small, the first day I used my new glasses it was so odd to walk around. Like, the ground seems to be a bit closer than what I was used to. I almost tripped sometimes when I was walking back home...
Now I got used to it, as I'm using it all the time, but that first day it was weird.

Anyway, hope you're having a great week!
Author Note
ninus hideon
Indeed! We may be evil, but even evil people need a good night of sleep XD
ninus hideon
Yelp! It's not really an excuse... but I was really immerse in that HP fanfic!
The Rigel Black Chronicles series are just so good! And it just seens to get better the more I read! Really, Violet Matter is such a good writter!
I decided to control myself and not start the third book, or else I will get nothing done in the foreseeable future...

Anyway... I wish to you all a nice weekend!

PS: I did this page today (Saturday) because I may not be able to draw tomorrow.
I could use the schedule function, but I decided not to because... I don't want to.
If I have time to draw tomorrow I may post another page in compensation for he skip, but no promises...
Author Note