The Awkward Paws 10th Anniversary Fanart Contest

Last update: 20th Feb 2019, 2:30 PM
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The results of the Awkward Paws 10th Anniversary Fanart Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated!


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Wow, that really interesting...

- Faustus is by far the most popular character - no surprise there!
- But Rosa is indeed second place.
- Wanda on the other hand, isn't that popular after all.
- Yeah, and the least popular is... Will? I guess someone has to be on last place, but still...
They're all so adorable, Owlsy! You've captured everyone's personalities really well here. I also love seeing the band back together! :') <3
An undeniably Faustus move! I definitely want to see Wylda Wolf make an appearance in AP. She could give Madigan a run for her money.
I'd totally be down for a crossover haha!

Eee, thank you!! ♥

@WindGuardian It was a challenge to fit everybody on the same page, thanks!