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Lucien Weatherby and Alexia d'Souza bring you the Aquazone spin on all sorts of things LEGO.


Ambitions of being the next J.R.R. Tolkien faded into a job in the insurance industry, but LEGO Bricks last forever.

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It will be noticed by those who have the original Mystic Mountain Time Lab that my Dr. Cyber's variously acquired souvenirs are not those original to the set. Most of these are the discarded castoffs I don't need anywhere else--a lot of keychain headgear. The eclecticness suits the Time Cruisers more than those perfect mid-1990s elements.
Well, I'm told he'll be out-of-town for a while. Out of 'verse, even.
So, he bought it. Very interesting. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Well, it's a First World country, anyway, though if your mood depends on getting frequent sunlight, you'd be in big trouble there.
Immigrating to the Aquazone sounds fine. Assuming they let him in. I hear they have strict procedures.