Aquila and Teren in Fan Art Infringement
My aliens, your awesome skill!
Last update: 30th Jul 2016, 5:00 PM
Frequent Frontal Nudity
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Fan art obtained from various AWESOME people and COOL people and... etc.
Thank you very much!

Such sellouts!


#include <jak.h>

Random average dude, really. I love burgers though [and coding (robotics) and chocolate]!

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Yep! Looks really cool in that style. Kinda like an old cartoon but that is how the author draws in general so check his stuff if you want to :)
Probably! It freezes your brain and then it works better. Like cooling down your PC.
I actually have such twisty straw! With Mickey Mouse sitting on it :D

She has one in her hand though. Just noticed :D
Yeah. That is right. She does not read signs or warnings in general :/
That one burger though. That one is mine!!
Love it. Animated and emotional in marker.

Rd Ashes
She's obviously trying to solve a problem by suggesting ice-cream, silly!