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Comic profile: Arachnid Goddess 2
Arachnid Goddess 2
Strange mature journeys in the world of Xibalba
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A sequel to the original Arachnid Goddess webcomic, set in the future of that world after the adventures of Ahab, with new and old faces. Done in a story based format in b/w art. Doesn't require knowledge of the first webcomic. (The story follows below the illustrations so that readers of another language may use a translation service to follow along.)


I'm kind of a writer who draws, rather than an artist who writes.

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6 days ago
A colored page! What do you think, folks? Should AG2 continue in color like this or should it remain gray? Let me know!
Left on 33. Three's a Charm
6 days ago
It wasn't a proud moment for Karolina. Her parents, in particular, did not like crying. They could certainly be rigid at times. Something about showing weakness, particularly for 'no reason'. And associating with Xibalbans like this? Nothing about what was going on or what she had been thinking would have been approved by her parents whatsoever. But then again... it wasn't their time to have a say in things right now either. For the shovel witch, it felt good to get out some pent up emotions, even if she didn't really understand them.

At some point, nudged against Bali's shoulder, she must have nodded off despite having just woken up. She felt a soft shaking on her shoulder and heard herself snoring slightly. Startling, she blinked her sore eyes and found herself sitting Bali-la. "You okay there?" the Death Clan woman asked with a smile. "You kind of passed out on me, it seems."

"Oh. Oh! S-sorry!" Karolina stammered out, embarrassed. She slid a few inches away from Bali to give her space. "I didn't mean to!"

"It's alright. No harm done. Feeling any better?"

Karolina took a deep breath and an accounting of herself before answering. "Yes, actually. How long was I out?"

"A couple hours."

"A COUPLE HOURS?!" Karolina was red faced. How did so much time pass? "You didn't wake me?"

"You looked rather peaceful there. And I guess you still needed to recover from yesterday. We were very busy, after all."

"Oh... true, I suppose. Sorry about that, Bali. Just... you know, everything..."

Bali grinned cutely. "No worries, Kara, no worries. As long as you feel better now."

"I do. So, ah, where's Saiya?"

A familiar more formal voice arose on the other side of Bali. Saiya sat up, stretching. "I'm still here, Karolina. Don't worry- I made good use of your nap. It gave me the time to work off some of Bali's venom."

"Are you okay?" inquired the shovel witch.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you. Things have come back into focus a bit more now. Your friend's poison is... potent. But not harmful, it seems. I have no lingering aches or pains. Still, I doubt I would have done much moving around before. I was in my own little world for most of that. Intoxicating is certainly the word for it, Bali-la."

The spider took pride in hearing that. "Thank you!"

"So everything is alright between you two? Or...?"

"Yes," stated Bali. "As you might say, everything is peachy."

"Why wouldn't it be?" asked Saiya, curiously.

"Oh, uh..." Karolina glanced off to the side. "Just new to this, miss Saiya. Ritualized Xibalban behavior is new to me."

"Ah yes, I see," nodded Saiya with a small smile. "Bali was catching me up on your association together. Well, don't worry. What you saw was an exchange of sorts. A bit of resources, a bit of power- nothing serious. She was within her rights and she was generally quite merciful about it." Saiya cast a long glance at Bali.

Bali pretended to cough. "I said I was sorry about the binding. It's just what I do- all second nature to me. But you have to admit it was a sensible security precaution. You could say you're surrendering, but one never really knows."

"Fair enough. But know this, Bali. My word is honor," Saiya stated as-matter-of-factually. "If words have no meaning, then there is no point in sharing them."

"I get what you're saying. Of course, my people might just as soon say, the entire point of those words could have been built around deception. Still. I will at least know that when you say it, you mean exactly that. Is that fair?"

"I accept that," smiled Saiya. It seemed that personal honor and her word meant a good deal to her. "So, shall we go?"

Karolina blinked. "We're going somewhere together?"

Bali nodded. "We talked about it- we need to get back to the Longtooths to rescue Siouxsie and Saiya here needs to leave here some other way. We're going to go out together and then when we're back on the surface, you and I will head back to the crocs while Saiya returns to her people."

"Ohh, okay. Sounds good."

"Saiya knows of a 'hub' location down the creek. That means it's a fixed location once someone discovers it- the shadows won't shift it around like a regular passage. It's worth mentioning that if we visit the hub and we're ever separated down here, we can make our way back to the hub even if all the other passages along the way don't seem familiar, so long as that's our destination."

"Really? That's pretty strange!" Kara remarked. "Useful, but odd. You just keep it in mind?"

"Yes. I figured you should know in case it happens somewhere else. Underground navigation is funny like that. But keep in mind one can't come back here from some other cave. Unless they're supposed to link in the first place."

Kara's head boggled. "I'll take you at your word. So, we can get back to the surface from this hub?"

"Yes," noted Saiya. "But it will involve ultimately going underwater in rough salty surf. And there's geists along the way now. Your friend tells me you have a spell to deal with the latter. But can you swim?"

Karolina took it in. This did not sound like an easy way out at all. "I can swim... not great. But I can more or less do it. As for geists, yeah... if they're spaced out, I can repel them. Can you swim too, Bali?"

Bali grinned widely, showing no lack of confidence. "I LOVE swimming, Kara. Absolutely."

Saiya nodded, happily. "Outstanding. I didn't like my chances earlier, so that's when I retreated and stumbled into Bali's trap. But with the three of us? I think we can manage this. I'll navigate and you two will help protect me. And don't worry, I'm not helpless by any means."

"Sounds like a plan. Shall we go?" asked Bali, rising.

After several moments, the trio rose to their feet and descended into the shallow winding creek as it flowed downstream. Karolina wasn't sure how going lower in elevation would get them out of here, but she had to trust the judgement of the other two. Splashing as they trotted towards the hub, Karolina smiled. She felt like one of the gang, noticing Saiya's golden torq around her wrist. Bali had trusted her with the responsibility while she slept. And she would not let her down.
Left on 33. Three's a Charm
29th Nov 2017
The shovel witch observed, sometimes covering her eyes before giving way to forbidden curiosity... but she didn't interfere. Her thoughts and emotions were conflicting, confused. It wasn't a good state of mind to question Bali, who seemed beyond reproach and unconcerned with anything else around her. And... there was that matter of loyalty to one's Alpha, no? Should she not question the Death Clan woman, she wondered? Or maybe, just not right now? Kara's head felt feverish and her sense of self felt as if it were leaving her body. It was a strange way to begin her morning and more than a little disconcerting. As if a foreign seed entered the soil of her soul, threatening to sprout some esoteric alien plant that wasn't expected to grow in an otherwise fertile garden.

Bali fed on Saiya for nearly ten minutes, as the snake woman moaned and struggled weakly, before she eventually went limp in the spider woman's web, adopting an expression of being lost. She spoke no more words, only making minute utterances and the occasional twitch. Her body and her mind, it seemed, surrendered to Bali's venom and she could fight no more. The spider woman, however, remained taut and rigid in her looming pose over her captive, moving her face and neck only slightly as she drained shadow essence from the Ophidian. She seemed both wicked and lurid, even though she did nothing now out of malice.

When it was done, Bali relaxed, wiped her black lips, and carefully climbed back down the web. Stretching her back for a moment, she then began to release the unmoving Saiya from her restraints, using a peculiar single finger plucking motion to her strands. Karolina didn't understand how exactly that was supposed to work, but it was evident enough that it did. When Saiya was freed from the trap, Bali cradled the captive. Bali sat down and as the Ophidian rested in her lap catatonically, Bali removed her bindings about the wrists, mouth, and ankles.

Despite her predation not long ago, Bali smiled gently and held Saiya in an almost loving manner, quietly singing low soft lyrics composed of unknown syllables. Karolina listened, wondering when she might speak up, but as she heard the song, she felt some of her own stress begin to die down. Maybe... maybe the situation wasn't worth getting worked up over? She wasn't sure.

As Bali sat there as the conqueror with the defeated in her lap, she looked to Karolina with an unsettling business-like expression that the shovel witch had not had much acquaintance with. Bali projected a vibe of existing on the high ground as she gauged Karolina's beleaguered feelings.

After a moment, Bali addressed her first. "So, this bothered you." It wasn't a question, that was certain.

Taking a deep breath, Karolina searched her feelings, shaking her head from side to side subtly. "I... Bali... I have no idea what I'm thinking or feeling right now. Towards you. What you did. What I'm feeling. I'm... I don't know how to react to this. It feels as justified as much as it wasn't. And maybe I didn't... and don't understand you as well as I hoped. Maybe I wanted to believe you didn't casually do something like this to other people. I understand that you have a feeding requirement that is completely alien to me... but it seems like you were doing so much more unnecessarily. And she's not even an enemy, right? I... agh... Bali, I don't want to be a judgemental pest, but what am I supposed to be feeling right now? How should I be taking this?"

Bali looked at her for a long time. Her visage danced back and forth between the serious and the sympathetic. Raising her head slightly, she took in a soft breath. "I'm not human, Kara. I never was. I never will be. I am a spider fairy and I belong to a tribe of diverse arachnid-like people called the Death Clan. You and I... have exceedingly different backgrounds, I'm sure. That is simply how it is. Now, I can't stop you from judging me or my kind. We have rules and methods you will not like. But we both belong in this world, despite what either of our kind may say of the other. We have to live in it together. And as unpleasant and out of left field as this might have seemed... you and I are friends. Are we not?"

Karolina stared and bit her lower lip. "I'd like to think so."

Bali smiled kindly. "Kara, you may feel whatever you need to about me and about this. But know that I'm not likely to stop behaving as I have if a situation like this comes up again in the future. Which it will. And someone might waylay me all the same. As you can see, I have nothing against Saiya. If she was an enemy or something to be tormented, then my instincts would not have me freeing her, let alone keeping watch over her until she recovers. It would not even be a stretch to conscript her to follow me as a servant if I demanded it of her. And unless she could assert herself against me, she would do so. But this is how we function. I must feed. And I have instincts. We all do. You are not going to like all of them, but we don't have your sensibilities anymore than you have ours. I only ask that, as my friend, respect that this is something about me. To do otherwise would be to asked a winged bird not to fly. And I can't live that way."

Continuing, she stated, "And I was being honest with you before. Despite the expectations of how traveling groups of Xibalbans may be with our social norms, I respected the fact that this is all new and frightening to you. And as such, that I would not impose my status as Alpha to suck shadow essence from you. And trust me, you definitely have your fair share." She grinned drolly. "That's something that Xibalbans can sense in others, for the record. You have more than most, probably due to your potential for magick."

It was a lot to take in. And it was hard to separate Bali's dark action from her otherwise sunny personality. But as Karolina thought about it, she could understand what the spider woman told her. Her entire background came from biased terrified parents who shielded and isolated her. Maybe it worked for them, staying close within the borders of town, focusing solely on work. But out here? Was it really worth holding such a banner against the Xibalbans? At least, against Bali? They were friends. That much was clear. But...

"You're right, of course. It's all new to me. It's a lot to take in..." Karolina held her face in her hands, covering a hint of tears.

Bali softened more. "Kara? Oh... are you alright? I didn't mean to offend you... did I speak too harshly?"

Karolina sniffed, still hiding her reddening face. "No, no, nothing like that. I'm just... feeling... a lot of things right now. I'm confused. And I don't know how to react. It's not just about... gods, I don't know what I'm saying here."


The shovel witch looked up at Bali, stifling a need to cry, her face beet red. It was something her parents didn't approve of much in her, so she often learned to conceal it as if she was raised like a boy. There wasn't a lot of room for emotional management in her upbringing. Karolina tried to find words, but she only mouthed emptiness.

Bali took this in, quietly connecting dots. She started to get an idea. It wasn't simply that some lines had been crossed. They had been breached. As a courtesan, she was able to 'cold read' some things in others that weren't said. This was one of those times. And it was not an easy subject. Bali blinked and took in a deep breath. It was time to take things a little slower. "Kara, come here. It's okay."

Sniffling almost childishly, Karolina nodded and walked the short few steps to Bali, sitting down next to her. With her one free arm, Bali wrapped it around Karolina, and the shovel witch buried her face against Bali's freckled shoulder, continuing to stifle her own weeping. Bali gently patted her back, looking sympathetic towards her troubled friend. "Just let it out. We'll stay here as long as it takes, okay? It's alright."
Left on 32. Aftercare
21st Nov 2017
Deftly climbing several silken cords of her own making, Bali loomed over Saiya from behind. The Ophidian bit her bottom lip, wondering how her penalty for freedom would take place. The Death Clan had a well earned reputation for being among the scariest and most unsettling tribe to be captured by, but she had little choice in the matter. Tangled in sticky cords, she had little choice but to accept a fairly merciful exit to her predicament from an utter stranger of a rival group. This was, of course, assuming Bali honored her words. There was no telling with her people.

In moments, finding herself being studied from a stronger position, Saiya found Bali beginning to bind her wrists and shins with new silk. It was wrapped tightly, leaving the snake woman with even less ability to move. "H-hey... is that necessary, Bali-la? I've already surrendered."

"Call it insurance. Some would say I'm reckless. But I'm never truly foolish if I can help it. As such..." Bali drew a swath over Saiya's mouth, sealing her lips shut behind a silken gag. The Ophidian looked more alarmed now, as the spider woman dismantled her ability to speak too. "Don't think I didn't see those fangs. Just in case you had any ideas about biting me back."

"Mmnnnn! Mmmph! Mmmnn!" Saiya protested, wriggling like a fish in a net. The strands stretched, sometimes fraying into more cords from her movement, but they wouldn't release her. Saiya felt increasingly vulnerable, scared the Death Clan woman might truly harm her.

Calmly, Bali then took Saiya's tail and wound it around the Ophidian's legs, after which she bound the coiled tail in place. She straddled over the base of Saiya's tail, practically riding the prisoner and could feel the strength of the muscles Saiya possessed there. All the more reason to make sure she couldn't lash it out or shake Bali loose.

Saiya began to buck and shout into her muffle, making the webbing bounce as she desperately tried to loosen the spider woman's growing power over her. But nothing seemed to work. No movement broke the strands enough and she didn't have anything sharp to cut the webbing with. Bali held and as if ignoring all the protests Saiya presented, she carefully slipped off the metal torq from the snake woman's neck. Saiya felt her throat bared and slowed her struggles to an anxious tremble.

Bali looked at the accessory. The metal was soft and simple in appearance, like that of a giant's nose ring. It would definitely offer some minimal protection to the neck, but she imagined it was likely a trophy Saiya earned or perhaps even something bartered. Xibalbans had many quirks about collecting odd bits and pieces to wear and hoard, regardless of the clan.

"Be brave, Saiya..." she whispered. "As for this moment, you are mine, so try to relax. Forgive the extra bindings, but I take pride in my work and I don't take chances in a situation like this. I suggest you calm down and remember who has mastered you this day."

Still straddling the Ophidian's lower back, Bali enforced a sensation of dominance on her prey, causing Saiya to slowly begin calming down to the inevitable. Gripping the Ophidian with a free arm while the other held the torq, Bali leaned in against that smooth exposed throat, put her black lips to it, and slowly bit into the prisoner.

Saiya groaned, struggling weakly, as she felt a cool sensation enter her neck. Even as a shadow essence feeder, Bali had to poison her prey a little in order to process what she needed, similar to her more commonly blood drinking tribe. The bite stung only for a moment and then...

Kara stood some distance away, feeling distaste at the display. Her new friend was indeed a predator as much as her parents warned Xibalbans to be. Leaning against a wall, Karolina discreetly watched from the side. The sight of Bali preying on this poor girl was difficult to watch, and in many ways, it was simply vile.

The sight reminded her of a time in Adelaide where she found a redback spider had lurked underneath an old chair. A wandering snake, vastly bigger than the spider, had accidentally managed to touch a few strands of the redback's webbing and couldn't slither away from the tether. It tried and tried, but ultimately, the spider eventually crawled down as the snake became weary, where it bit the reptile to death. It eventually packaged up the serpent and began to suck it dry from the head. Seeing Bali-la do this was all too similar.

Kara couldn't put it to words exactly, but it seemed so wrong. Watching the two of them, Bali almost certainly took some horrible perverse joy out of this. She didn't seem like a person anymore, but a frightening spidery monster, who was attacking someone else who was roughly as humanoid as herself. Saiya slowly withered from the venom filling her system, becoming lulled, at times twitching or quietly moaning. There was no escape for her. And perhaps that was half of it- once Bali got you, there was no fighting it. How did anyone fight or escape a spider in their web? It seemed impossible and cheap.

And there was the thought that Bali didn't need to do this, surely? Claims of feeding aside, Saiya seemed perfectly willing to play along with Bali's original need for proof. Wasn't that enough for now?

Karolina sighed. She knew she didn't understand much of anything yet. Shadow essence feeding? She knew from her teacher that shadow essence was a sort of basis for one's magical energy and that it existed in many creatures. But how did one feed on that like some vampire? And what was this business that Bali was a spider fairy? The classifications were getting mystifying. A spider fairy, who was part of the Death Clan, who were part of a bigger grouping of animal-like monstrous people called Xibalbans, which included Saiya... right?

Sulking, she wondered if she was being irrational. Bali's feeding just seemed needlessly... sexual? Even her prey seemed to moan and shiver in a way that Kara was not ignorant of. Did they both enjoy this on some other level? Karolina couldn't quite understand... she could eat an apple or rat meat without it being some erotic power play experience. Did Xibalbans not do that? Was it a Death Clan trait... or perhaps just Bali being shameless again? It was so foreign from everything she was raised to know and feel.

Still... Kara noticed she couldn't stop watching. Why? It was disgusting and weird. The way Bali clutched this Ophidian woman while splayed out over her tied up form... the sounds the captive made... the way bare flesh pressed against barely clothed flesh. The struggling...

Why couldn't she stop staring?
Left on 31. Bound Prey
17th Nov 2017
It was a long pleasant sleep, comfortably accommodated on a silken hammock of Bali-la's own making. Karolina rested heavily, free of concerns, aches, and a borderline feeling of being overwhelmed. Regardless, exhaustion makes the best sleeping aid and it was likely not even a bomb blast would have awoken the witch. At least, not for several hours.

When Karolina did stir, it was from Bali shaking her webby hammock. Groggily, Karolina looked at her Xibalban friend, who had since redressed herself since the last time she was aware of anything. "Huh? Bali?"

"Get dressed, Karolina. It seems we had a visitor while we were sleeping," said the Death Clan girl, looking almost annoyingly chipper compared to the human.

Karolina groaned and slowly sat up, her eyes adjusting to the cave's endless shadow. It took her almost half a minute before she processed what Bali said to her. "Wait, what? Are we in danger?! What happened?"

Bali smiled quaintly. "Just get dressed and check it out. I'll leave a rope for you to slide down, okay?"

"Er, um... sure. Be right there." It didn't sound particularly urgent or that they were in trouble. Bali's tone suggested something 'interesting' perhaps. That warranted an extra few minutes, at least.

When Karolina, now dressed and equipped, slid down the silken cord Bali left, she heard two things. One was the running water of the crick that followed the cross way tunnel they stopped next to. Second, there was a persistent low stretching noise, like an old creaking rubber band. It seemed familiar.

Rubbing her eyes, she approached Bali and looked by the water's edge. There, well enmeshed in a tangle of trip-lines and sticky cords, hung a humanoid woman of deep orange flesh and dark splotchy marks upon her skin. She was somewhat more monstrous than Bali, possessed of a long smooth tail, three digits upon her hands and feet, and slivered pupils of yellow.

This person looked at them glumly and perhaps more than a bit uneasy, although she spoke no words. She glanced at Karolina with visible concern, but her attention was clearly focused on Bali-la, whose tripwire-like web she was now stuck in helplessly. She would occasionally strain, pushing or reaching out in one direction or another, trying to break away, but it seemed almost pathetic. Her almost tube-like body would inevitably snap back to where she started, dangling awkwardly, unable to touch the ground. Bali seemed content with the lack of exchange, offering no response, only looking on at her prisoner with a sense of satisfaction. Karolina saw such a thing from her when she watched over Siouxsie that one night, although it seemed more pronounced now.

Observing the captive in closer detail, it was not hard to conclude that this woman had all the aspects of a serpent. Particularly, she seemed to have a mix of patterns about her similar to a corn snake and a Burmese python. Her hair was long and dark, but neater and more straight than Bali's wild mane. Like Bali, she was scarcely clad, wearing only a golden torq around her throat, a fundoshi style loin cloth, and wrapped shin guards.

Curiously, Bali seemed to let the situation to continue to play out, with the spider woman standing proudly as she watched. Karolina didn't quite understand why they weren't... doing anything. The snake woman would continue to periodically struggle with a sad doomed visage, breathing heavily as she did so. Yet, Karolina could feel something unspoken was occurring. There was a vague energy in the air. Perhaps it was something about Xibalbans? Yet whatever it was didn't occur with the Longtooths. Not as far as she could tell anyway. So maybe it was a 'Death Clan thing', but she couldn't tell.

After a few minutes of this, the snake woman seemed to become particularly dour and she stopped struggling, visibly exhausted from fear and expended adrenaline. Bali-la then approached, carrying herself with professionalism suddenly. "Saiya... I presume?"

The snake woman frowned, as if having someone know her name was even worse. "So... you know me? You were looking for me?"

Bali nodded with firmly. "Indeed. I must say, this is a strike of good luck after our last day. You must be skilled or knowledgable to have made it down here. Which makes me wonder how I caught you..."

"Nngh... a certain route was denied to me. So I doubled back here, following the creek to pursue it upstream. I was not of the mind that there was a trap waiting for me since last I came through. And... unfortunately, I cannot seem to extricate myself from your foul silken tethers."

Karolina noticed that hearing that last line made Bali grin darkly. Spider people were unsettling!

"So... let me guess. The Longtooths summoned you to kill me? I'm to be assassinated now? Or are you going to package me up and deliver me to them?" Saiya postulated with an underlying hiss.

"Hm. Well, let me put it this way, Saiya. In regards to your first question, you're both right and wrong. Rathalos bade me to 'kill' you."

"Rathalos? I don't recognize that name... and what did you mean by that?"

"I'll explain in just a moment. But in regards to Rathalos, I suppose you would better recognize him as Richard Walker."

The snake woman blinked, her eyes searching memories. "Richard... the old human??"

"From what I understand, yes, although he's more of a Longtooth than the man you might remember. In any event, he wanted me to tell you he apologizes for how his clan treated you and that he's never forgotten you."

Saiya tilted her head. "Then... why are you really here?"

"Officially, the Longtooths want you dead," Bali said, folding her arms casually. "But Richard asked me to effectively just make it seem that I did indeed kill you, in exchange for him helping me out with a friend of ours his clan captured. In other words, we'll be faking your death. All I really need from you is a trophy they'll recognize. I have absolutely no intention of slaying you, Saiya. Frankly, it's just good fortune that I caught you here and now."

The snake woman smiled a bit, breathing a sigh of relief. "I am... grateful. What is your name, spider?"

"Bali-la. Death Clan courtesan," she said politely, smiling as she often did. "It is a pleasure to meet you, despite the circumstances. And this is Karolina, my friend and a human from Adelaide."

"Hello," the witch greeted with a modest bow of her head.

The snake woman seemed to relax in the trap, sensing there was less danger now. "Greetings to both of you. As you know, I'm Saiya of the Ophidian Order. Since we are exchanging caste titles, I suppose it is fair to tell you I'm a 'scout' for my people."

"Ahh, I suspected," grinned Bali. "You were investigating the Longtooths for your people, no?"

Saiya looked bemused but evasive. "That is not far from the truth. Border disputes are common and murky all at once. Well... what say you release me from this web, as we seem to be of the same interests in regards to resolving this issue with that clan."

"In a moment. There are two things we need to address."

"Ah... two?"

"Yes. First, of course, is the matter of what sort of trophy I should bring back to the Longtooths to fake your death? Scales? Hair?"

"Hmm. Perhaps this torq around my neck? They would probably be more inclined to believe you with something quite specific to me. And I know they saw me wearing it."

"That's a good idea..." agreed Bali.

"And the second order of business?"

"Well... there is the matter of what it will take for me to release you in the first place."

Karolina had been quiet, just focusing on following the intricacies of their conversation which were new and interesting to her. But that last line sounded more than ominous. Was her friend trying to coerce this other Xibalban? It seemed so unlike Bali... although she was gathering her spider friend had some subtle darkness to her. The shovel witch gave Bali a sharp look of concern. "Bali? What are you thinking about here?" She could see Saiya looked visibly less thrilled now.

Bali gave Karolina a coy glance. "Just what comes natural, Kara. I regret to inform you I can't survive for long on just tree fruit. And I didn't want to push my authority on you in this way as an Alpha... I didn't believe you would understand. You're new to our ways and life outside of Adelaide."

"What... what are you saying?"

Bali contained a sigh, knowing that this was one of many topics that had to be breached at some point. "I'm a spider woman of the Death Clan, Kara. I am not vegetarian. Many of my kind are vampiric, but I am not of that nature either."


Saiya squinted. "Wait... those eyes of yours, Bali. They're... orange? That means... You're not a pure blood Death Clan tribeswoman, are you? You're-"

"I'm afraid not, Saiya. But this is better. I swear, this will not hurt much. Most find it rather... intoxicating."

"Bali?" Karolina called out, lost and confused. "What are the two of you saying?"

Bali breathed in calmly, carrying a vague majesty about her as she approached Saiya. "Orange eyes are the mark of the fae, Karolina. Basically, while I joined the Death Clan, I was born a spider fae. And to thrive, we need to suck out the shadow essence from other living creatures or we'll wither and grow sick. I didn't want to impose on you, Kara. I couldn't bring myself to do it. But I need shadow essence and mere apples won't do the trick. I might not look it, but I'm extremely worn out. I can't put this off much longer."

Bali looked to Karolina, but the girl was unreadable and just cast her gaze down wordlessly. Bali frowned, knowing that it would be hard for an inexperienced human to understand all the unsettling things Xibalbans did, particularly her own clan. But Bali couldn't overlook survival either and as Saiya had been 'defeated', the code of conduct their collective tribes stated to the winner went the spoils.

The Death Clan woman turned back to Saiya, who took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "This is new for me," stated the Ophidian. "Take of my darkness, but spare my life. I won't resist."

Bali slimmed her eyes, fitting that of a predator. "Thank you, Saiya."
Left on 30. Nure-Onna and the Spider's Web