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Webcomic profile: Arachnid Goddess 2
Arachnid Goddess 2
Strange mature journeys in the world of Xibalba
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Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Webcomic description

A young Australian witch lives a life of unchanging isolation before meeting with a free spirited barbarian woman from beyond the border. She soon finds the world is a fascinating yet deadly place, as she comes to terms with how little she understands both it and herself.

A sequel to the original Arachnid Goddess webcomic, set in the future of that world after the adventures of Ahab, with new and old faces. Done in a story based format, beginning with black and white before transitioning to color. Doesn't require knowledge of the first webcomic. (The story follows below the illustrations so that readers of another language may use a translation service to follow along.)


I'm kind of a writer who draws, rather than an artist who writes.

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2 days ago
New fan art up in the Bonus Art section by Grey Garou!
Left on 83. Heart of Thorns pt.11
Grey Garou
2 days ago
Grey Garou
You've had some pretty wild and surreal art on this story, but this one honestly leaves me at a loss for words.
Left on 83. Heart of Thorns pt.11
3 days ago
Drawing herself back up to the broken road's flat top, she took a deep breath. She remembered what was involved. Letting go of some things was essential to the Song. It was one of the reasons fairies, let alone spider fairies like herself rarely practiced the art. For the talent of shape shifting had originally been passed on to all Xibalbans going forward by the fairies themselves when the two first met. And those originators knew well of various magical approaches in the world. Alas, the art of shape shifting and the gift of the Song were not exactly compatible. One was cosmetic change intermixed with physical illusion and a hint of personal conjuration. The Song? It was an expression of purity and all that was true. It was raw magic that could not be focused by any other means than simply singing it aloud. The two could not co-exist at once.

And so it was that Bali-la, after so long, was forced to reveal to the world what she really looked like. It was not so different from other spider fairies at the start of their lives, but much more matured and grown. It was the taurian body of a spider with Bali's skin, and the upper torso of the woman herself. Fierce black streaks ran from her eyes, her hair grew even more wild and was capped with red, and the spots on her shoulders began speckled just as crimson. She grew eight long legs, with each ending in a black taloned hand. And her human legs regressed into something of that resembling pedipalps. Lastly, a thick bulbous abdomen stood aloft beyond her thorax, a sooty grey color in contrast to the rest of her. Singing the wordless Song, Bali could not maintain her well practiced humanoid guise.

As the Song grew louder, stronger, filled with the memories and emotions of one who had been lived so long and full of a life, the shadowy eyes and mouths of Outer Hell's surrounding walls began to recede, their lunatic components showing discomfort and perhaps fear. They could not process the Song, it was their antithesis on every level. They were composed of all things wrong and fell. Yet, they could not drive themselves forward, and without the wraith present, they recoiled in terror, as the song filled them with foreign dreams and visions of Bali's heart. And so, louder and more powerful she sang, the notes resonating, echoing, and scalding the foul place. It was time for a crescendo to be unleashed and for Outer Hell to experience the true force that was the gift of the Song. Fortunately for Bali-la, the arachne body of the spidery fairy had far better air capacity than that of a human, so this last piece of the Song would be devastating to anything corrupt.

In this, Bali hoped there was a chance to save the human that Outer Hell made into the wraith. She would defy the witch's request in this. She didn't know what her intentions were, but Bali did not innately like to kill. She was a courtesan, a songstress, and an entertainer. She liked other people. Hopefully, for sake of her tribe, what she would do here today would be considered 'dealing with the situation' as far as the Death Clan was concerned.

The Song delivered in this manner was incredibly powerful, but it would not truly hurt the innocent. It could even scour the contaminated, those who could be saved from external corruptions if there was something left to save within them. In that, the witch and her motives would be revealed no matter what.
Left on 83. Heart of Thorns pt.11
12 days ago
With the shovel driven down, threatening to cast her into the darkness below if not brain her senseless, Bali grimaced and instead clapped the haft of the spade in her gloved hands, halting the swing by a precarious last few inches. The wraith observed the result with a moment of confused hesitation, not having expected the result. Held in place against the side of the broken road by her web cords, Bali twisted her body and hissed loudly amidst a moment of song, swinging down on the digging tool with all her might. Caught off guard, the wraith, still holding its own side of the shovel, was pulled forward and thusly, over the edge.

Flung out of control with its weight used against it, the wraith slipped off the spade and became gravity's victim, hurling down below. Pseudopod extensions of disembodied anatomical parts shot forth from its body, trying to reach Bali in retaliation, but it didn't react fast enough. Groaning hoarsely, it fell further below, with Bali's growing song proceeding it. The spider woman was glad the entity wasn't quite prepared.

With the rising music of Bali's voice aimed below, the shadows recoiled sharply, revealing a great bowl-like pit of empty blank humanoid forms standing in place, staring upward with dead white eyes. She had seen a few just before, but these numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands. In the center of this population, a great toothed maw of red, orange, and yellow awaited and swallowed the falling wraith into the open tunnel of its wretched Outer Hell throat.

"One attack. End it decisively whenever possible. You are of a clan of assassins. Never fight. Kill. Maim. Or end it, one way or another," came the advice of the teaching sages of the spider people in her head.

Bali blinked for a moment, having no comprehension of what she was dealing with here. What were these things? What was that maw? And what happened to the wraith? Nothing made sense... but she could feel the overbearing shadow pressure here. And if the wraith was important...? Being down there might not have been enough to defeat it. The wraith woman was supposedly what was to be the new master of Outer Hell, although none of it felt quite right by Bali's instinct. It seemed underwhelming. Maybe this was the best place to be, however. The witch, whatever she knew, would have to wait.

It was time to unleash the Song.

The faces below quivered in their near shapelessness and gasped if they had mouths. Bali wouldn't understand what they were until later. But they, in their unknowingness, could feel an ancient gift coalesce from Bali's throat to that of the maw of the shadowy corruption. At the very least, she would have a great audience.
Left on 82. Heart of Thorns pt.10
4th Jan 2019
The scene was unsuitable for a battle. A tight, practically floating segment of road, in the middle of a void controlled by the disembodied faces and entities of Outer Hell. Additionally, Bali was cut off by a gap from her side of the road to where the witch ran down. This wouldn't do. And there was the maintaining the music in her mind, as Bali began to breathe it out, lilting a wordless melody as it began to build. There could be no Song without breath control and right now, concentration upon the Song was everything.

The wraith, as she began to broadly think of it, raised a blood stained metal spade, now done with merely judging what Bali might be capable of. The road was too narrow to dodge upon, especially with her training in dance. And the wraith had a significant reach advantage, as it stood in the void between the roads, holding the long haft of the shovel. Sensing an attack, Bali somersaulted laterally, ending in a handstand at the road's edge as the spade was brought upon the road with a loud violent clank, spraying sparks and loose rock.

From there, Bali glanced at the unattached hands, eyes, and teeth below the road and to her favor, found them recoiling as she sang. Good. They knew the sound of the Song itself. They knew what it would do to them if they drew near. The wraith not so much, but either way it meant the pits below, if they existed solidly, wouldn't be fatal to enter. Still, Bali was not eager to find out what was past the impenetrable darkness. So she clung to the broken side of the road and peered back at the wraith, who craned its head towards the Death Clan.

Quickly, Bali attacked two web cords to the side of the road over the abyss. Any spider would typically make a safety net over such a gap, but it would serve another purpose beyond merely preventing an unintentional fall.

Then, with unexpected speed, the wraith dashed, spotting Bali's head peeking out and raised its shovel once again, leaning back for a powerful downward smash. Bali's heart pulsed rapidly as the song began to pick up complexity, further repelling the shadowy creatures around her. The wraith emitted a hissing groan and swung down with the shovel toward the Death Clan's skull. It was exactly as Bali predicted, so the Death Clan let go of the road itself...
Left on 81. Heart of Thorns p.9