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Comic profile: Arachnid Goddess 2
Arachnid Goddess 2
Strange mature journeys in the world of Xibalba
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Comic language: English
Genre: Horror
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Comic description

A sequel to the original Arachnid Goddess webcomic, set in the future of that world after the adventures of Ahab, with new and old faces. Done in a story based format in b/w art. Doesn't require knowledge of the first webcomic. (The story follows below the illustrations so that readers of another language may use a translation service to follow along.)


I'm kind of a writer who draws, rather than an artist who writes.

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10th Oct 2017
Bali pushed back on the web cord with a slow steady level of force, using the slime's own viscosity to keep a controlled pace. And then, aiming herself at the shovel witch, Bali quickly raised her legs all at once, removing the effective brakes that allowed her and the line to remain further back. The cord's tension was physically driven to straighten out again, as Bali's own weight was not enough to hold it back any further.

She had done this before, although mainly because it was fun to do and not out of any preparation for a situation like this. Still, the tactic worked amazingly well. As the slime mass didn't seem to realize anything was wrong in time, as it mainly concentrated on descending down from the ceiling upon the prey, it suddenly found one of the victims was not only free of itself, but quickly made off with the other. It tried to raise and move pseudopods to intercept them, but the entity was ultimately as slow and apathetic of movement as Bali deduced.

The Xibalban was sling shotted forward and in a mere second, Karoline had only just braced herself when she felt Bali not only slam into her from behind, but immediately scoop her up in the process. The rapid impact jostled the shovel witch, making her lose some of her breath, which also left her momentarily disoriented as she was half aware that she was suddenly flying through the air. It happened so fast that it took Karoline several moments to process it, even though she had a few thoughts on how the strategy was supposed to work. Together, the two were laterally flung just over half a dozen yards to freedom. The ooze collapsed as fast as it could around them, but it was too late. Bali and Karoline escaped and they were not likely to go back for another experience.

Quickly, the two landed on the smooth stony floor away from the slime with an awkward skip, as their legs were still slick with the stuff. Bali crouched down, still holding Karoline, in an effort to control her sliding stop better. And she managed to do so before colliding into any stalagmites.

Setting, Karoline down, Bali stood and stretched her back. "That worked better than I thought it would. Are you alright?"

Karoline, for her sake, was mildly dazed but she soon nodded. "Yes, just a bit shaken up. But wow... I'm amazed you pulled that off." She coughed, getting the air back into her lungs. Bali's body hit with a lot more force than she imagined, as the woman seemed fairly thin. By the look of her, she assumed Bali was relatively soft bodied, but the impact was incredibly solid. And considering how she had been picked up mid-air like that, she developed the opinion that Bali was likely a lot more athletic and strong than she gave her credit for or that her form even showed. But it made sense- the spider woman did live in the wilderness.

"So, take a moment to catch your breath, but we should try to continue before long," said Bali. "We need to find a water source. If not to drink, then to clean up. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel a stinging sensation on my legs. That slime is probably corrosive to living things, you know?"

Karoline noticed Bali was right. She could feel it on her arms and legs too, although it was more irritating than painful at the moment. "Alright... that's a good idea. Oh, and... thank you, Bali. I'm not sure what I could have done in that situation on my own," she said with a smile.

Bali grinned and winked. "No problem. I'm your Alpha. And your friend. I will always do my best to protect you."

The two shared a smile together. Karoline nodded to herself. It was good to have a reliable friend like this.
Left on 26. Spelunking pt.5
4th Oct 2017
"Where's AG2?!"
Hey all. Just a short sweet head's up here.

Come October 15th, I'm moving to a new apartment and as to be expected, my internet will be down for a time until I can get things up and running. It's a very busy time for me right now, amidst packing and getting all the requirements squared away so I may or may not have an Arachnid Goddess 2 update next week. If I do, it'll probably be a simple splash page or a notice of brief hiatus.
Left on 25. Spelunking pt.4
4th Oct 2017
Getting down to business, Bali reeled and spooled the webbing she created into her arm, looping it several times over, as she fed the line to her free hand. Taking note of the few tall standing stalagmites not yet covered in slimy goop, she swing the web line around as if it were a chain. Webbing was not something that lent well to this at all. It was light, tended to catch the air, and had virtually no weight to it. But Bali was no amateur with weaving. Her interest was simple in concept. She would hurl a cord of sticky silk to two separate vertical pointing rocks. She gauged the distance, moving as best as she could in the viscous mess, and slung a cord at each of the two stalagmites. Only because she had practiced this for fun was she able to reach the stones at all. It took a gentle, but very certain throw to get any distance. But in the end, it worked. She now had a silken cord attached to the two rocks and her position in relation them made the outline of a triangle.

Next, she fused the two web cords together, which was easy enough. Her silk, so long as it was sticky by her decision, readily attached to other webs of her making. With a simple twist, the two cords became one. She then positioned the fused web cord behind her lower back and slowly began to walk backwards with it, carefully stepping through the ooze as much as it would allow. Moving segments of the slime seemed almost confused that she appeared to be walking deeper into it. Pseudopods rose to meet her as others slunk back into the slime, but the ooze was ultimately content that prey was moving deeper into its mass. It meant less movement and energy was needed to trap the victim, after all, so it did not become more aggressive.

Karoline managed to pivot around to get a better look at things. There, she found Bali-la was stretching back against a taut line of silk of her own making and she immediately realized what was about to come.

"Bali? Are you... are you about to slingshot yourself? Does that actually work?"

"Yes and yes. We work with what we have, Kara," Bali said with playful glee, despite the situation. "As I said, this is going to be a bit rough for you, I'm sorry to say. Get ready!!!"

"Oh shit..." said Karoline with a clenched jaw. With her arms lodged into the slime above her head, she couldn't protect herself from what she knew was about to come. "Crap. I'm ready as I'll ever be!" Karoline tensed her body for the living missile that was about to come, hoping only that Bali wouldn't smack into her face from the incredibly acrobatic escape attempt.
Left on 25. Spelunking pt.4
28th Sep 2017
In many ways, the situation was a mess. Bali-la glanced back and forth, remaining cool headed, examining what options were available. As the muck bubbled and slurped at the two, it didn't seem like there was much avail. She could move a bit within the ooze, but it seemed to pull at her if she actively tried to leave it. It was possessed of a slow stubborn motion and was strong enough to at least hold them within itself. So there was time to do something and it was only a matter of what.

Looking to Karolina, the girl flailed and cursed as the sticky sludge slowly dripped down on her from the stony ceiling. Bali wasn't counting on the witch to come up with a solution, at least based on what she knew of her. And the Xibalban considered it her personal purpose to get them out of this anyway. It was an alpha's obligation to her companions to look after them when they could not, whenever possible. That's how Bali saw it anyway. She had known some who took up the mantle of leader and were lacking for it. One's status as leader was empty if one couldn't fulfill it, or so she was known to argue.

Getting back to the slime, time was running out. She knew she couldn't fight the stuff. It was formless, mindless, and probably didn't have any weak spots that she could exploit. She wasn't even sure what it was. Plant? Some animalistic cell colony? A fungus? It was unknown to her. There were many monsters and hazards in Xibalba- running afoul of a creature or a trap was very common, bordering on daily within the wilderness and caves that dotted the land. With that in mind, it was the mark of a survivor to continue on through the world despite setbacks and danger. Surviving was no foreign experience to her and she told herself this would be no different.

So what to do? Her surroundings had precious little to work with. Just the slime and a few pointed stones protruding from the much. And so, realizing she couldn't fight it and couldn't simply walk out of it, it was time to take a chance.

As a member of the spidery Death Clan, Bali-la was naturally gifted with befitting arachnid talents. Venomous fangs. Climbing walls. And of course, weaving silk. On her body, her spinneret glands were located in a place that made humans feel awkward and uncomfortable usually. It was a tiresome notion of many of the surviving humans in Xibalba, but they were still rather judgemental about anyone who didn't quite look as they did. Bali-la didn't dislike them by any means, but she knew Karolina was more than a little confused about where and how Bali spun that web in the light house when she wasn't looking. Until now, Bali had been intentionally discreet.

So it was only too fitting that when Bali slid down one side of her leathery black thong and drew forth webbing with her fingers, the shovel witch happened to be looking back for advice when she saw Bali produce her silk in a very vulgar looking way, as if sexually touching herself. Or at least, it certainly appeared as though Bali was drawing forth her webbing vaginally, as the skimpy underwear did still cover her a bit and the exact details were a bit hard to discern at the time. "Wha-? What are you doing?!" the witch stammered out, as she distractedly wrestled with the falling slime. "That's where it comes from??"

Bali sighed, not making direct eye contact. She hoped Karolina would get passed a sight like this at some point, because she didn't intend to stop for her sake. Weaving was part of her at an integral level. "My spinnerets are just ABOVE what you think you're seeing," she insisted, with the implication she found the inquiry to be tedious. There had been a few times someone questioned her about it, but it was how she was made and it was normal enough amongst her own kind. Some of them, of course, actually did create webbing more directly from their nether regions. They were built to be akin to spiders, not human era superheroes with convenient family friendly powers.

"And as for what I'm doing, I'm getting us out of here. Get ready, Kara. This one is going to be a little rough..." she promised.

The shovel witch swallowed hard. She had no idea what Bali was up to and she was still trying to handle the sight of how Bali made spider webs. But in the long run, she knew anything her friend was up to had to be better than being slowly eaten by the wet slick slime that held them close.
Left on 24. Spelunking pt.3
Grey Garou
20th Sep 2017
Grey Garou
Yikes! Death by possessed rubber cement!
Left on 23. Spelunking pt.2