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Comic profile: ARCY-01
Affection Irrationelle
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago, 8:00 AM
Number of comics: 122
Number of subscribers: 23
Visitors: 33995 visitors (160035 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (30 votes)

Comic description

The security of the Katpost Orbital Station is under the supervision of Arcaya, an AI prototype. She discovers early on that her creator is hiding something from her and begins to have doubts about others on the station as well.Stan Calico, the head technician in charge of the droids aboard the station, notices the changes in the way Arcaya seems to act and decides to try and help her.

robot midnitesnow midnite snow midnight snow lolo comic arcaya arcy stan cat feline sci-fi drama gay yaoi


I am me. Like... I take my markers and I draw.
Yeah, that's pretty much that.
I'm really bad about talking about what I do.

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5 days ago
A good breath of Fresh air, then she can deal with the Driver.
Left on ARCY-01 page 112
5 days ago
Bang! Bang!

Extra stuff on my ko-fi !

Left on ARCY-01 page 112
6th Jun 2018
"Fried pc"
Hello everyone! Just a tiny note here.
don't forget my ko-fi -> KO-FI HERE <-
The truth is, I kinda fryed a part of my pc while streaming some arts and every little bits of help would be usefull.I'm also planning on rewarding the top supporters !
Left on ARCY-01 page 110
5th May 2018
After talking with the mysterious mouse assassin that sneaked on the Katpost orbital station, √Člize get called by her superior Clara Persan, CEO of Ubast inc for an important meeting.
Left on ARCY-01 page 106
7th Apr 2018
Oops sorry, I'm 2 weeks and 12 hours late; I missed the space bus.
Left on ARCY-01 page 104