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Comic profile: ARCY-01
Affection Irrationelle
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 5:00 AM
Number of comics: 104
Number of subscribers: 22
Visitors: 21796 visitors (104798 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (30 votes)

Comic description

The security of the Katpost Orbital Station is under the supervision of Arcaya, an AI prototype. She discovers early on that her creator is hiding something from her and begins to have doubts about others on the station as well.Stan Calico, the head technician in charge of the droids aboard the station, notices the changes in the way Arcaya seems to act and decides to try and help her.

robot midnitesnow midnite snow midnight snow lolo comic arcaya arcy stan cat feline sci-fi drama gay yaoi


I am me. Like... I take my markers and I draw.
Yeah, that's pretty much that.
I'm really bad about talking about what I do.

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11 days ago
In other news! I messed up my shoulders like an idiot while doing my kickboxing. Let's hope this heal fast.
Left on ARCY-01 page 95
30th Dec 2017
Hello everyone, sorry for the silent treatment in December. I got a bunch of small, annoying issues in my way. Little things like cutting my index finger while making a sandwich and small Pc issues + all the holidays things.I have more pages ready for all of you to start 2018. I sure hope that you enjoy the comic and if you are interested, You can help out by sending 3$ via my Ko-Fi.
Left on ARCY-01 page 94
1st Dec 2017
True! I was thinking the same but good thing that it have a lock on the flap. Notice the little ' click!' in the 4th case.
Left on ARCY-01 page 91
1st Dec 2017
I think that flap might be a little too big. Mice are great at squeezing in tiny spaces.
Left on ARCY-01 page 91
18th Nov 2017
I had a lot of trouble with this page. it might seems like an easy page but I actually had to redraw this one and the 2 next ones a bunch of times. I also got extra busy in the last weeks but phew! I went trough all this.
My week in a nutshell:

I am participating in the sketchbook project.
This is basically a very big library based in Brooklyn that have a immense collection of sketchbook from all over the world. We can draw whatever we want in it so for me , I decided to fill it with slices of life short comics. They won't get in my way of making this webcomic don't worry as I do them at night when I can finally have a little bit of time for myself.
Left on ARCY-01 page 88