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Webcomic profile: Area 42
Area 42
Abnormally normal. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.
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Content flags: Strong Language
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 1st Oct 2018, 12:00 PM
Number of comics: 293
Number of subscribers: 12
Visitors: 51065 visitors (275872 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.98 (85 votes)

Webcomic description

The adventures of Charleston Charge and Subject M as they face off against boredom, various threats, and facets of pop culture.


MIKE PODGOR is called so because he was birthed from a gory pod sent from beyond the stars to Earth. While he may have amazing abilities beyond the ken of mortal men, he doesn’t know about them and largely just writes stories and draws comics. He dwells in the frozen north of Ohio with his sole companion, the star-hound Lucas, and whiles away his days perfecting his craft. Earth’s atmosphere may be driving him insane, so be wary around him, but he is mostly harmless.

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1st Oct 2018
Area 42 has returned.

Stay tuned for more comics, and don't forget to check the Fictosphere for other comics!
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27th Feb 2018
This was the last Area 42 comic, obviously. I kind of let it get away from me and any attempts to right the ship just seemed wrong.

Subject M was in Zeitgeist for a while before starring in his own Area 42 sequel, named after himself. Perverto was rebuilt and eventually joined him after having some adventures of his own I haven't gotten around to transcribing yet. The green guy was part of it.

Charleston Charge found Crystal Zephyr and they're off doing their own thing after a series of other adventures. This, too, will be transcribed at some point.

Thank you for reading Area 42!
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28th Aug 2015
So now we know why M is in Zeitgeist, and where he got the giant bag of money shown in this strip. I'm sure you're pleased as punch and those questions were creating a burning whole within your mind. Anyway, keep reading both comics to find out what happens next!

Also, in relation to today's comic, you may see a bunch of names that you recognize. Here's a quick guide because I can't resist:

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Stark is a reference to Tony Stark, while Wayne is Bruce Wayne. Both have also appeared in Zeitgeist, refusing to give M any money.
McDuck is, of course, Scrooge McDuck. This is a tax write-off for him.
Brachiosaur is... wait, who is Brachiosaur? You'll have to read this story by fellow Fictospherean Randall Malus to find out.

If your favorite wealth-monger was not included, then I hate them forever. Or I couldn't think of any that were non-evil, and the evil ones probably have their own way of doing things.
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21st Aug 2015
We started this storyline with a cameo from Autumn Bay's Doctor Deacon, and we're ending it with cameos from Dory H's Poharex and Eperok. If you like dinosaurs, and if you're reading any of my stuff you probably do, you'll enjoy the high adventure of Poharex. There's some wrap up stuff in the next comic, and then it's on to the brave new future.

If you read Zeitgeist, you know that I'm having computer issues. The PC I would usually do my comics on decided that it did not like Windows 10. During the entire installation process, it kept overheating. Once the dang thing was installed, it would last about half an hour before shutting itself down. I uninstalled it and hoped for the best, but yesterday that old PC decided that things inside were going to start popping and smoking. Needless to say, that computer is not being used any longer. I have a Mac from school that I can use for a while, but all the old files are locked away until I get a usable PC. If you’d like to help me cover the cost of a new PC so I can once again access all of my files and continue working on things, then support me on Patreon or just buy something from me. I do writing and art commissions and there’s some merchandise if you want it.

And just a reminder that you can read the latest comic at the Fictosphere!
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14th Aug 2015
Well, that's all the characters taken care of. Come back next Friday for... uh... shoot. Hey, <a href="">all those symbols</a> look pretty familiar, don't they?

You can see the latest comic on <a href="">the Fictosphere</a>.
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