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Comic profile: Area 5.1
Area 5.1
UFO Investigators
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2nd Aug 2018, 9:07 AM
Number of comics: 87
Number of subscribers: 41
Visitors: 12029 visitors (38907 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.88 (146 votes)

Comic description

Area 5.1 has evolved, the observations of the Little Green Men has been replaced by the misguided investigations of our two ufologists.

Their aim in life is to find the truth, wherever that may take them. Something's out there, or there wouldn't be so many damned books about it. They just need to find it.


Most recent comments left on Area 5.1

10 days ago
Yeah,.. he won't be long finishing that one!

I posted this to reddit (yeah I know, mistake!!) and I got a couple of comments saying they didnt get it. I started to wonder if people only say that in the UK.
Left on Wash Off
11 days ago
I'M sure for a "small" fee, he wouldn't mind!
Left on Wash Off
2nd Aug 2018
One of those annoying things that people always say.
Left on Wash Off
1st Aug 2018
Its normally not too hot & humid in the UK so most people don't have aircon, except in our cars. That does mean hot spells tend to catch us out.
Left on Sizzling Hot
31st Jul 2018
Where I'm from you go from a very short Spring to blazing hot HIGH humidity which makes it even worse. We call it 'air you can wear'.
Left on Sizzling Hot