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A webcomic that will try to make an argument about the greatest question of all. Quixotic with a capital "Q".


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TVs Mr. Neil
Boy am I jumping in late on this one. I don't think I've ever commented on this comic before, but I was thumbing around the Comic Fury and... ah, what the heck.

Yeah, genetic similarity between species is probably the strongest case for evolution. It's not merely that we share so much. It's WHAT we share.

The fusion of our second chromosome is literally something that shouldn't even exist in a creationist worldview, and yet there it is, connecting us to our primate cousins and ancestors. It's pretty much an over-the-fence home run for science.

It's just kind of asinine at this point to draw a line between micro evolution and macro evolution. These aren't things. There's only one kind of evolution.

Actually, if I could offer one teensy criticism, I think panel three is kind of an appeal to popularity. I understand the point is that these "critics" of evolution are out of touch, but it doesn't make a case for anything.
The Chessmaster
Just found this again, and I wanted to say that this is some really great work. There a few things I disagree with (for example, the altruism argument), but overall, there are a lot of good points in here. A reasonable case indeed.

Personally, I've always felt that one of the important things in science is not closing your mind to that not disproven. Sadly, a lot of people on either side of this debate assume they know the fundamental nature of reality, that their god is correct or that there isn't one at all. It's puzzling, but I guess that's human nature.
Oh, about "Our Mathematical Universe"...

GREAT book. But I have to echo Mario Livio's criticism of the idea that all mathematical possiblities are real, a la Tegmark. We have to assume principle of mediocrity on our own universe--that we aren't that unique. Now, if every mathematical possibility is real, than most universes would be much more complicated than ours--follow many more mathematical rules, have a much larger number of dimensions, etc. Our world is much simpler than it could be---so unless we're at the far end of the Bell Curve (and the fact that life only can exist with three spatial dimensions and one time dimension MIGHT be a limiting factor) we have to assume his assumptions are wrong. See Livio's IS GOD A MATHEMATICIAN?
Maybe. Although I'd rather they read Ellis' BEFORE THE BEGINNING.
Bravo, Al! I think this is your strongest work yet, in both writing and art. Have you considered collecting this in book form? At least an e-book. I think it has a lot of potential to appeal to an audience outside the usual gang of comics readers.