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A page personally managed by Ariane Eldar herself so that she can cause chaos without being hampered by any interfering mods and admins. please vote for Ariane here:


Ariane Eldar
Ariane Eldar
Professional yog-sothotian witch and protodoom burlesque underground star.

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Ariane Eldar
I's a popular color in that time... and Clarissa deals in other things, hahaha.
Ariane Eldar
hahaha, I can walk the rope in them.
Ariane Eldar
Larissa, my former associate wih the Vaudeville Vendettas, and long-long time with the Theater Of The BLoody Tongue, but we separated in germany. A bit chubby-chubby, but cute henna dreadlock witch, sadly just he lame buddhist-wiccan crossover. She applied to Hoed Coffee once, got no call, so Mr. Plott hired her.
who's working the scab shack?
Sweet wheels .. ..... And you must have great balance to be wearing a. Pair of shoes like that. Don't ya?