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Comic profile: Arth and Tech
Arth and Tech
The Videogaming Duo
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 3 days ago, 4:17 PM
Number of comics: 110
Number of subscribers: 9
Visitors: 3901 visitors (17996 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (4 votes)

Comic description

A comic strip series about two titular videogame heroes of two rivaling fictional videogame franchises, parodying and playing with media tropes while at the same time performing their heroic duties. Arth, the brave knight from fantasy-like series "Arth's Quest", and Tech, the snarky cyborg from sci-fi-like series "Cyborg Tech".
The comic is updated regularly every and each Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Your every comment, vote and subscription is greatly appreciated!


I am a humble, yet proud inspired artist longing for recognition. Every subscription and every comment matters to me. I'm a man of many talents, but for now I'm deep in webcomics.


Most recent comments left on Arth and Tech

3 days ago
Sometimes you just wonder how ancient artifact get broken into pieces when they're too powerful to let themselves get broken, especially in cases where they're sentient enough to qualify as a full-fledged characters.
Left on Sinister MacGuffin
5 days ago
Sometimes damsels in distress somehow manage to write some letters or send a message to their respective heroes to aid them on their way. How does that happen? Villains' security lacks something? Noooo... It's way more interesting.
Left on Deus Ex Letter
One week ago
Villains seem to always know what exactly heroes do... and troll them accordingly. It's Vick's exact speciality.
Left on Triple S
10 days ago
Teamplay is hard. Especially when you're doing something productive and your teammate interrupts you by creating a diversion and attracting unnecessary attention to himself. Or blowing up a wall, for example.
Left on Teammate in Peril
12 days ago
Who else hates those little enemies that step aside just in time to avoid your attack or shot only to annoy you a moment later? Eh? Only me? Well, that would be unusual.
Left on Weaponry