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Last update: 18th Jul 2011, 7:19 PM
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Short stories by 20 different entrants and 10 different teams!

The challenge:
"Your challenge is to come up with a short comic with a random partner in 2 weeks. It can be anywhere from 4-15 pages depending on what you feel like doing and any genre/style you desire.

It would basically be like a longer 24 hour comics challenge with the twist of getting you to work with someone you normally wouldn't. Work together closely and manage time well to complete the comic before the deadline!"


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wow , thats .. just wow !
... O_O oh em GEE!

Shes the "butt" of a bad joke?
Nice work! Was there supposed to be more??
great job guys, this one was great. and Weatherby, I love your Art.
Aw, man...number twelve never wins, though!

He should have got number three.