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A Sled Dog Spirit
A survival dog webcomic
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A Sled Dog Spirit is about a nontraditional mushing team that delivers mail in the far north wilderness during winter instead of delivering by air or snow mobile. They fall into a crack during a snow storm and looses their master. Shortly after the accident they end up being captured by a evil man that fights his dog for money. But illness wipes out the humans and now the dogs have to make it on their own. Can they do it?


Hi I am HeikeHowl - but you can call me Heike :)

I'm a silly one, whom love to draw comics and art in general, play games such as WoW and I live with my dog and cat.

I'm sure more is to come here :p

My dA: https://www.deviantart.com/heikehowl

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3 days ago
Gus decided on death rather than being helped by the male he thought stole his right to father Trixie's offspring.

Aiish, its a shame he is too much of a hot head to listen! And also he cursed Sergel as he fell...
Left on 305
5 days ago
He leaps! Onto the brittle snow ledge! What a dummy you are Gus! And yet still, goo boy Sergel wants to help you!
Left on 304
10 days ago
Oh Gus.. you fool!

Wait Sergel already said that! ... TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO DRAGON BALL Z- I mean ASDS!
Left on 303
12 days ago
Oh no! Lets just hop, skip, jump over the ravine!

Sergel is a flying boy! :D
Left on 302
2nd Jan 2020
Not really :p
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