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Comic profile: Ashes
The Secret Police in Dystopian Future London
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
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Last update: One week ago, 9:05 PM
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Comic description

Wolf and Fox are orphans - and Fox has an incredible ability. When a fire burns down their orphanage, they are taken in and raised by the Secret Police. In the city of London, books are being burned and people are being stolen away in the middle of the night. But what choice do Wolf and Fox really have?


Triggy J
Triggy J
Whew. Lunatic Smoke. Don't breathe this!
Phew, lunatic smoke! Don't breathe this!

Most recent comments left on Ashes

One week ago
Thanks - I need to make more time for moments like these where characters' sensitivities and relationships are poked and prodded. It's also nice to have Wolf deflect with humour.
Left on Infernal Affairs - Part 16
One week ago
I need to do more angles like this - I guess I just don't always have a need, but I should do them at random. Just for visual interest!

To be fair, he was being a bit of a prick . . .
Left on Infernal Affairs - Part 11
One week ago
Good choice - she does rock that almost gothic look, and I love floor-length dresses.
Left on Infernal Affairs - Part 9
One week ago
Shame she didn't go for this one . . . maybe I'll draw her in it again some day. I mean, she definitely likes it!
Left on Internal Affairs - Part 7
One week ago
An explanation for exactly how Jones' power works will come forthwith

In the meantime, that's quite a crowd. Think they'll believe it?

Since we are a few short pages away from the end of the chapter, I'll ask again - what do you want to see in the break? The options I gave previously being -

1. Same as last time. Slice-of-life moments with the characters set between chapters 7 and 8, funny stuff, cute moments outside the ordinary flow of the story.

2. Some of the characters get together and play a D&D adventure

3. Spider's resarch notes: We visit Spider's lab and she'll take us through all the powered characters we have so far and discuss how their abilities work in-depth

4. A short story following Wolf and Fox as they take a day off to go to a Convention, and meet someone cosplaying the main character of their favourite saturday morning cartoon . . .

Please let me know what you'd prefer!

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