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comics from "a softer world" - but with sonic.
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comics from http://asofterworld.com - but with sonic. also has originally written strips and/or non-sonic strips sometimes. also on twitter at @asoftersonic. update schedule undecided, but considering once-a-day for now.


Uhhh... I got nothing relevent right now. I am on Twitter at @d00d64, though.

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4th Feb 2020
This one is more personal; the screenshot is taken from an SRB2 mod I worked very hard on... but I had no idea how to design levels for it, the code was a total mess, and it just did not feel fun to play. I learned a lot from it, but to this day, I still feel awful for giving up...
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4th Feb 2020
If you only see one title instead of two that means the dialog is not from a softer world, and is either a quote (like this one) or an original. This one being a quote from Snapcube's Sonic Adventure 2 real-time fandub.
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4th Feb 2020
This is an archive for https://twitter.com/asoftersonic - Twitter aint the best way to view a webcomic, but this will do great, especially since SmackJeeves so soundly ruined itself recently. I won't be leaving descriptive author comments on all of them, but always remember that the original comic dialog is from http://www.asofterworld.com/ - an older webcomic I loved very much. This is in tribute to a softer world, and the original creators, Emily Horne and Joey Comeau, still have their credits on every strip where their dialog is used.

The visuals are taken from screenshots of various games, often youtube videos as well, or the occasional photographs. I will always mention which games are in the strip via the mouseover text. I know a softer world had mouseover text, but... I didn't write those down anywhere. Oops. Still, a fine place for game sources, I suppose.

I hope you continue reading. Just like the original a softer world comics, a softer sonic aims to make you just the right amount of sad. But with Sonic.
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