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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?
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Max, an asp, discovers he has high-functioning Asperger syndrome and, with his new acquaintances, realizes who he is and his place in the Universe.

Updates Sundays and Wednesdays.


Benjy Comics
Benjy Comics
The creator of Jollification and Asperger Asp.

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Benjy Comics
Hi, I'm Benjy of Asperger Asp. First and foremost, I myself have high-functioning Asperger's. It's a struggle, but I've learned to mostly manage it.

This comic is in no way meant to trivialize any form of autism. In fact, I hope to help celebrate those who have Asperger's through... well, snakes. I think serpents get a bum rap just because of the Old Testament. Also because they're scary. But snakes can also be cool!

I hope you enjoy Max's adventures.
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