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Diary of the Astro-nudes
The adventures of two inter-dimensional nudist explorers!
Last update: 3rd Apr 2021, 4:42 PM
Occasional Frontal Nudity
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Two inter-dimensional explorers crash land on our Earth, circa 1950s. The only problem? They come from a parallel Earth where... clothes don't exist!

As they fix their ship, they explore our complicated relationship with nudity and our human bodies through a series of short stories (or as I like to call them, "strips"!)


Ahmed Raafat
An Egyptian comic book artist currently based in the UK. Co-creator of El-Osba, Gorilla My Dreams, and creator of Diary of The Astro-nudes, among other works.

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I've never watched the TV version, only the recent movie (well, mid 2000s so not so recent I suppose) and read the book. Need to check that version out now!
Lee M
Don't forget, Adams had a nude scene in the TV version of Hitchhiker's...
It is one of my favourite quotes and I like to think Adams was secretly a nudist for inserting such an oddly specific bit about towels hehe. And Heinlein is not wrong about swimsuits - they are useless!
You beet me to the Hitchhiker quote. Also Lazarus long & Valentine Michael Smith among other Heinlein characters think Swim Suits are unnecessary.
Thank you so much Marcel! Means a lot! (And apologies for the delay in response - been a crazy busy month of deadlines!)