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Comic profile: AVA Mash
AVA Mash
Anakin vs. Akira
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 29
Number of subscribers: 1
Visitors: 522 visitors (1771 pages viewed)
Rating: 4 (1 votes)

Comic description

AVA Mash is everything about Anakin vs. Akira. The three of us make comics about the daily encounters of west meets east and vice versa into short comics (shorties. get it?)

New shorties publish every week. So do come back and enjoy your weekly shorties fix.


AVA Mash
Hi! We are from What's AVA Mash? It's Anakin vs. Akira mashing their culture together into short comics! We call them Shorties (pun intended) and you can read it here at ComicFury.

Please love us, Senpai!

Most recent comments left on AVA Mash

AVA Mash
27th Jul 2017
When Someone Is so Polite They Unintentionally Offended You

21st July 2016 – Mel on Shorties #29
You just stand there wondering if anyone saw you. Then you make that face where you try to smile but it feels like the hardest thing you can pull off. Why? Because a piece of you just died.
Left on #29: Awkward Moment
AVA Mash
24th Jul 2017
Irruminati Alert!

14th July 2016 – Wilson3 on Shorties #28
That moment you realize everything you know is not real! They’re all controlled! You, Anakin, Akira, and the whole wide world! Or maybe it’s just me being paranoid after a long hour of producing shorties. *yawns* goodnight everyone!
Left on #28: Do You See It?
AVA Mash
17th Jul 2017
Time to Have FUN with FUNDOSHI

7th July 2016 – Vincent on Shorties #27
There’s actually a festival in japan where men dress up with that outfit and run around the street. I’m interested.
Left on #27: Beastly Booty Call
AVA Mash
13th Jul 2017
Poor Bush

30th June 2016 – Vincent on Shorties #26
Remember to always bring a bat with you.
When you have no point, find a bush.
Left on #26: Don't Beat Around
AVA Mash
10th Jul 2017
Here We Go Comic-Con!

23rd June 2016 – Wilson3 on Shorties #25
The Crowd, the Cosplayers, the Comics, the Panels, and everything I’ve been waiting to date. Alright, I’m late to join the crowd. See you there!
Left on #25: Don't Die Yet