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Avengers... Adventure!!!
There was an idea... to bring together a group of remarkable roleplayers... and see if they could drive their GM crazy.
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Occasional Strong Language
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A screencap campaign comic based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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Poor Don. All he wanted was his own awesome moment to follow after Rob's.

Probably shouldn't have tried it after Rob tried to warn him. And especially not after Kevin explicitly stopped Rob from trying to warn him.
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I recognize it as Japanese, but I can't read it.
I think Kevin's had enough little things on Tony's sheet escape his notice in the past that he now has the build committed to memory. Of course with how often Rob makes upgrades, we'll see how long it lasts.

I use Paint 3D, it suits my purposes well enough for the time being.
Man don't you hate it when the DM actually reads your character sheet and knows what you can do, so prepares for it?Yeah me neither. Keep up the good work!

Also, out of curiosity, how do you make your comics? What program or software do you use to make your comic?
The Dual Lasers are currently the most powerful gadget in Tony's arsenal, in terms of both damage and bonuses to hit. So of course it's once per day AND requires a charge.

Unfortunately, him using that attack is EXACTLY what Kevin was banking on.
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