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Last update: 14th Jan 2016, 7:13 PM
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Following the style of DM of the Rings and Darths & Droids, we present a campaign comic based on The Avengers! Taking screenshots from the movies in the Marvel cinematic universe, Min-max with The Mighty Thor! Roleplay with The Incredible Hulk! Learn the rules with Captain America! Roll some criticals with Black Widow!


As long as I can remember I've been making stories. Most of them never ended up making it onto paper, but I've always wanted to be a writer. Only recently have I decided to actually start showing some of these stories to the world, so I hope you enjoy them.
Part of many different fandoms, pretty nerdy guy but also down to earth and very friendly. I like a variety of different things and am pretty creative.

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One time I watched a horror movie with my dm and a few weeks later we encountered a demon who looked like one of the monsters from the movie. That thing threw us in a portal to hell, and later it tried to steal the soul of our wizard. He managed to trick the demon and we got the soul but we he had to make a deal to get a new body.
I recently ran a game where the player originally wanted to be a crime-fighter but ended up becoming a superpowered fugitive criminal.
“Ready to Roll Out!”
In a 4th Edition campaign, I made a Transformer. It was a Warforged Cavalier. I got the DM to approve the "call mount" spells to instead be "transformation" spells. Initially I could only call a horse as my mount, so my Transformer could transform between robot and motorcycle. Eventually I was able to call a behemoth, which meant I could turn into a tank. Finally, the part I was waiting for, was my ability to call a dragon mount. FIGHTER JET!
Also just wanted to say that I only recently discovered this webcomic and started reading it. Loving it!
I love good NPCs! I've had campaigns where we've had very memorable NPCs, even some "ascended extras" so to speak. Well written NPCs are what glues the campaign together. Otherwise it's just a wargame, not an RPG.