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Comic profile: A Weak Sister
A Weak Sister
A webcomic
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 18th Sep 2018, 4:00 PM
Number of comics: 31
Number of subscribers: 8
Visitors: 718 visitors (1798 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.94 (65 votes)

Comic description

A weak sister is an old idiom for a timid, indecisive, undependable, or unreliable member of a group. Private dick, Tag Forester’s lawyer is telling a client how they had met as well as his girlfriend (with anger issues), Yoss.

These comix (as is most of my stuff) is meant for adults only. It contains violence, drug use, and sexual content. Naturally, it’s not office safe.


Hi. My name is Rick Rudge and I’m an amateur cartoonist. I’ve done old school comix for underground papers, comic books and have dabbled in web comics from another web place. Now I would like to try out ComicFury. Most of my stuff is just pen and ink on paper, but I would like to move on to digital stuff and work in color, some day. I must warn you that my comix deal with sex, drugs, and rock & roll so it’s meant for mature readers and may not be safe for work viewing. I hope that you will enjoy my stuff.

Tools: Pilot Precise V7 Rolling Ball pens, an HP OfficeJet Pro MFP M127fn, a small Wacom pen tablet, and a MacBookPro using GraphicsConverter.

Most recent comments left on A Weak Sister

3 days ago
There is nothing wrong with your writing skills. I noticed the readers think it's hard to follow detective/noir/conspiracy stories online. It's the main reason this kind of story isn't popular online. Readers come for a quick fix. Long stories with many details get the readers confused and it's better to leave them to print versions (or compiled versions for Kindle/Comixology, etc.

I gave up on conspiracy thriller story too. After I finish my current graphic novel, I'll do exclusive online content with almost no dialogue, more action and pussy-down (aka less violent) short stories easier to follow, you know. I'm already adapting some stories for that. It's not bad, shorter story with less to none dialogue are a good way to improve the visual storytelling skills.
Left on A Weak Sister
1st Oct 2018
Thanks for your comment, Dave. I’m not sure if you’ll be checking back with this page again or not, so I’ll try to post at both sites. First off about Google+’s Underground Comix area; thank you. I thought that I’d “Represent”, but I also wanted to plug where my comix are, and ComicFury. ;-) About the black Helvetica lettering, I’m relatively new to working in color, and using the computer’s font seems to make it easy to read, no matter how much I need to reduce the image. Thanks for the encouragement and please check out my all of my other comix here.
Left on A Weak Sister
Dave Harris (Guest)
30th Sep 2018
Hi Rick, Im not a subscriber, but am on Google+, glad to see someone taking UG comics seriously !! Good work !! I got 1 minor niggle... I feel, personally, that the black lettering lets the page down, and doesn't really match your style (which is great btw ) Keep up the good work, bro !!
Left on A Weak Sister
20th Sep 2018
Yeah, thank you for the explanations.

I read the last 3 pages again. At page 29, Tag suggests that the one who comes up as the new boss is most likely the killer and on page 30 someone from off-panel (most likely Yoss) accused him to be the murderer. Then him getting shanked also fit into this picture. Yeahh well... I'm not a detective, by far.

Anyway, for some reason I can't put a finger on I enjoyed this story the most - so far :)
(And being a writer... I fantasized about 3 "super heroes" for years. Couldn't get the first 2 to work and the last one became too powerful and left earth to deal with problems of galactic level. So no stories at all. That's several levels worse than leaving a few questions not clearly answered :-))
Left on A Weak Sister
19th Sep 2018
Here I thought I was doing good too. I still need to work on my writing skills.

The character who did all of these murders was never named. I should have named him in page 5. Yoss had the name Manuel tattooed on her stomach. That could have fit right into the story. Yoss had suspected that he had got Camila on heroin. He later killed Camila to take care of a loose end.

This guy was high-up in the gang and could easily have gotten up close to the other victims to kill them too. It would have been better if Tag had explained that after page 29 like most detective stories.

Once the character was exposed by Yoss in that fight on page 30, the killer was stabbed inside the the holding cell at the city jail, most likely by fellow gang members. Again, because I never named the guy, you really couldn’t know who she was talking about. Due to page constraints, it wasn’t explained very well on page 31. The killer was the boss-apparent, but was killed and “the gang boss position is open again”, now a new boss of the gang would need to be chosen.

This whole story is told in flashback by the lawyer, Bob Chin from page 2 and then on page 31. This is a prequel to the Tag Forester stories and explained how Tag and Yoss got together, so, yeah they did get showered up and Tag got introduced to Yoss’s aunt. In Latin culture, family is very important. Although I’ve never written anything about Yoss’s family, but a close aunt has been mentioned in other stories.

I hope that this clears up all of the holes, that I left in this story. Thanks again for all of your comments, Rock.
Left on A Weak Sister