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Comic profile: Awkward Paws
Awkward Paws
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 9 days ago, 2:18 PM
Number of comics: 172
Number of subscribers: 168
Visitors: 112050 visitors (550535 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (701 votes)

Comic description

Fun times with '60s animal people!


Most recent comments left on Awkward Paws

6 days ago
Hey, thanks - this helps a lot! I think it's fixed!
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CSSGuy (Guest)
One week ago
Alright, I was still thinking about this and have a concrete solution now. Add this to your CSS:

body::before {
content: "";
position: fixed;
top: 0; left: 0; bottom: 0; right: 0;
z-index: -100;
background-image: url(/files/lightcard.png);
background-size: cover;

You can delete all the background stuff from 'body' if you want, or leave it as a "fallback" or something.
As a side note, since 'background-size: cover;' scales the image to cover the entire element, 'background-repeat: no-repeat' is a bit redundant.
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One week ago
Now you're getting it!
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One week ago
I dunno, have you seen the price of Milkbones lately??
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Matt Comics
8 days ago
Matt Comics
the new layout is pretty cool, but I miss the old buttons! That little house was cute.

Jared's face in the last panel is hilarious XD
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