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Awkward Shelby
"Awkward" is spelt quite awkward, isn't it?
Last update: 24th Mar 2016, 4:31 AM
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Awkward Shelby is a slice-of-life comic that follows the author closely in the way that she speaks, thinks, and acts in certain situations as well as some journal-like comic strips of real-life occurences. Shelby started her webcomic, Awkward Shelby, in June of 2012 as a means of fulfilling time the summer after she graduated from high school. Since then, she has gained thousands of followers from 12 different countries and has received a 4.91 (148 votes) on Comicfury. The webcomic in its run so far, already has over 200 strips and is currently featured as a weekly comic in The Santa Fe University of Art and Design's oncampus magazine, The Jackalope.

*NEW* Awkward Shelby now updates everyday except Sundays at 10AM (unless otherwise stated)

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I live in my own dimension, slouching over my art table for long nights and complaining how my back hurts during the day.

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the rouge humingbird
Aww its sad. looking forward to your other projects.
check out my website shelbycriswell.com for links to my other projects and blog
Author Note
It's alright man! I love this comic but it's fine if you're having trouble updating it! I enjoy your artwork a lot and think that you're a really cool person. I'm sorry if you're in a bad place right now, I hope that you feel better and that your life gets in a better place.
I’m getting a car this weekend, but will still bike as much as possible to work :)
Author Note
I love those!