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Last update: 22nd Jan 2021, 5:00 PM
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When Adrienne receives a letter from her estranged father requesting she come to the small town of Barkham, she finds herself embroiled in the increasingly bizarre happenings that seem to be just part of everyday life. Strange figures stalk the woods, unexplained lights appear in the night skies, and something stirs beneath the foundations of old Brindle Hall.


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Scott D.
We recently had to say goodbye to a dearly beloved four-legged friend. Ember passed away on 10/January/2021. She was Bryonna N.'s constant and faithful companion for six wonderful years. It came as a tragic shock, but friends and family have been going out of their way to help in the healing process. Golden F. contributed this gorgeous Barkham Horror incarnation of her, showing that Ember was every bit the glamourous starlet she seemed to think she was, named for the fact she was a fuzzy black ray of hope during an especially tumultuous and painful time. She possessed in spades all the nobility of a German Shepherd and the endearing stubbornness of a Husky. Keep on glowing, baby.
—Scott D.

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Author Note
Scott D.
Wonderful to know you'll be waiting for us! But don't worry, we're not disappearing entirely!
Baby Adriene is everything!!!

A favorite artifact in fiction? Man, I have so many! A lot comes from Harry Potter. Like a wand, the sorting hat, the chocolate frogs are amazing as always. Oh! And the medallion from The Secret of Nimh
Be well you guys, see ya in the summer ^_^
Sleestak, Bark of the Dead!, Extreme kink rubrics cube.... you might want to add an extra padlock to the door. Looking forward to the next installment.