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Battle Kreaturez
A SiFi Dramedy Webcomic about Monster Tamers
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Genre: Science-Fiction
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Last update: 25th Sep 2016, 7:14 PM
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Battle Kreaturez is a character driven science-fiction dramedy webcomic about people who live in a world where monsters are real. It focuses on the Wyldcard team - a team of Kreature tamers who have hit rock bottom in the professional Kreature Combat circuit - and their efforts to not only reclaim their former status but to rise above it.


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25th Sep 2016
The panel layouts on these early pages are… functional, but unimaginative. I was rusty at comic making when I started work on this chapter.
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25th Sep 2016
And now begins the actual plot! The upcoming match was a late addition to my script; the next one isn’t for a few more chapters and I decided my readers shouldn’t have to wait to see an actual battle in a webcomic called “Battle Kreaturez”. This scene also serves as a convenient opportunity to demonstrate how the basic mechanics of the premise function.
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25th Sep 2016
Welcome to the Comic Fury mirror of my webcomic, Battle Keaturez! I figured starting up a mirror would help me gain a few more readers. If you're only interested in the comic, you should be fine reading it here, but the official site is further ahead and has a bunch of extra bonus content! I'd appreciate the cross pollination. Anyway, enjoy!
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