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Entertain yourself with the futile struggles of the common man.
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The story of Diego Rivera, a clinically-depressed chain-smoking painkiller-addicted alcoholic widowed single father, his hapless yet optimistic daughter Chel, and Diego's high school buddies/Chel's godparents, Eve and Ben. Hilarity ensues!

Black comedy. Updates every Tuesday.


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Well, Chel will be 18 soon, and after that she might move out to a dorm for college at 19? (Maybe Eva could help with bills if she’s raking in enough from her cam whore job.) If Diego still wants to find a quiet place to quit he can try again then.
Bankruptcy could fix his financial problems by then for a happy ending, but he’ll still be broken mentally (and if some of the comics are to be taken fully seriously (although then he’s be in a hospital, so maybe not)) physically.

Our boy here is definitely on a timer for fixing his problems… it usually is.
The next few years probably decide whether Diego recovers or passes on.
I know it’s setting the bar low, but I’m hopeful Diego will return before the end of the day or the next day… it’ll be a proud moment. :)
It must be the next day, right? Don’t police usually wait the first 24 hours? Maybe not if the person is a suicide risk.
Maybe this explains the Ava addiction, in that she was a replacement happiness/completeness for him?
love the wordless panel of him thinking about what he said about being fine yet there he is, walking out too
This perfectly shows the thought process of someone struggling with depression, though. They run away and such because they genuinely believe that leaving the people they know is for the better-- that their existence is a burden to the ones they care about, and everyone would be better off without them.

Of course, that's not always true.