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Life as seen through a family of bees
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Beezwax is a humorous look at life as seen through the eyes of a family of bees. BEEZWAX is the main character. He and his wife HONEYBEE have 1 son, STINGER. Beezwax and Honeybee work at "The Hive". Stinger does not want to work there when he grows up, he wants to be an actor. "The Hive" is run by Queen Obeema of course, but managed by Mr.Fuzzbottom. BUZZY & PENELOBEE are friends of the Beezwax family. They also have a son named ZAPPER or "Zap" for short. Sometime the guys hang out at "HANNIBAL NECTOR'S FOOD AND DRINK" to discuss the events and happenings of the day.

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How would a mosquito handle ⅙ Earth gravity?
That is very sad but also very true. I lost my Mom about ten years ago. She maybe gone but her love is still in my heart. Think about all the good times we had together.
The same punchline would work for beekeepers taking the honey!
Kids say the darndest things
Queen Warming can make people so touchy

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