Fire-Rose Comic #1: The adventures of Bell.
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Last update: 7th Jul 2011, 2:27 PM
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Part fantasy, part romance, and a bit of drama! Welcome to the world of Bells, inhabited by cute creatures of the same name. There are also Anti-Bells, Bells who live in the southern area of the land, and are tainted by darkness.

Enter Thunder Tuono, an anti-Bell on a journey accompanied by Bell Campana, a bell. A quick stop at a party turns into chaos! What will become of Bell and Thunder?
And what adventures will they face?


Hi guys! Im Sam. Or maybe I should have you call me Sam-may..... Hm.... Names.... SO many names! @_@ Anyway, I hope you enjoy my comics and all of my ideas. I have a facebook and a deviantart, so make sure to take a look at me!

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Ah, I dont know what your email address is!!! Noooooo!
“Your Art Teacher!!!”
Wowzeee-----your art is BEAUTIFUL and so much fun!!! You made my day by complimenting me on how I have inspired you---I retired this year, so your words have even more meaning---write me at the school district email address--I cannot wait to hear of you!!!
He's just a friend thats being super nice. I know how bad this comic looks to some people. XD But It was my first one, so It bound to not be perfect.
sure it is
“Super awsome”
Very good sam

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