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From Pizza to Lord of a Xaltean manor
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Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations
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Henry Patton was just some human on Earth working at a Pizza joint trying to figure out what to do with his life. He did not realize that actions would lead him to be the first human to be in charge of a Xaltean manor. Come join Henry as he tries to find out how to survive an alien culture that is completely different than his own!


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This is Lady Nisa Amet of House Medekin, though you won't be meeting her here in the Beloved Chains Manga, she is actually going to be starring in her own story, "Ascendent Rising", a Beloved Chains Novella that I am working on!

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One of the key things you'll notice is that her clothing is closer to human than Xaltean. This is something she's gotta do when she's assigned to a cultural exchange with a human colony!

There should be a blog post that has the first chapter as a teaser!
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You reading my script or something? LOL

Thanks for the comment!
But he'll object if they try to get in bed with him won't he?
Achatula....Xaltean word for assassin. Though in their modern era, assassinations are not that common, it is still something that persons in positions of power need to be careful about.
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A sneak peek of the next page! Thanks for your patience!
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