Stick and stones, and BERRY BONES.
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BERRY BONES is a comic strip about teen monsters living in the woods.

Updates M-W-F, with monthly bonus, full-color, Sunday comics!


I live in the woods and draw monsters.

My current project is a comic-strip called BERRY BONES, which follows teenage monsters navigating their monstrous teenaged lives.

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I did a lot of research to be accurate about this one, gang. I had to Google image search... things... 9_9

Also hey! The last of our Ko-fi blitz is happening today! I'll shut up about the Ko-fi for a while after this, but you should really follow or bookmark over there, or something. Its got the goods!

(Comics excluded. The comics are here, obvsly.)
Author Note
What kind of cult IS THIS?!?!? You'll see... *tee-hee.*

Also a quick reminder that hey, new art is ALSO going up EVERY DAY over on the Ko-fi! Check it ouuutttt.
Author Note
Summer is FINALLY here... and so is another round of BERRY BONES!!!

Whether you need a refresher or this is your very first time, now's a GREAT time to hit that archive and catch up with Moss, Herbie, Polly, Ro, and Harvest. They've got some stories to tell ya', that's for sure. We'll be updating Mon/Wed/Fri for a good bit too, so get cozy, yo!

~ If you're interested, we're also running our very first promotion over on the Ko-fi. There will be new original art going up for sale every day this week, and a VERY limited number of free (highly coveted!) SNAWWK stickers will be available w/ purchase! I even hear there may be a super rare Twitch stream to celebrate, so check over there for further deets! ~

(Btw, there's a new welcome splash at the beginning, too! Check it out!!)
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It really means a lot to see ya' here! Can't wait!

(just a wee bit longer!!)
Firefly Jelly
Great to see you back, and looking forward to new pages!