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Last update: 16th Mar 2020, 7:11 PM
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When ghoulish Sasha Chou's brother dies, she is sent to live with her mother's estranged family in Straubsdale, Virginia. Her aunt and uncle are strange, their isolated house is creepy, but it's the ghost children and flesh eating insects that make Sasha's skin crawl! Soon, Sasha finds herself drawn into a centuries old mystery that may cost her everything to solve...including her life!


I'm a biologist, teacher, and Europhile who likes scifi and horror.

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Just subbed to your comic by. By the way this is pretty cool stuff
Its very kind of you to reply! I've been taking a break from this and working on my horror comic, Through the Rye, due to some depression I've been dealing with. I'd recommend that if you're interested in an ongoing story.

No worries at all! I'll try to read more of your stuff in the future
That second to last panel could be a post all in itself. A great "character moment" and pretty cool, too!

Big bugs: As long as they aren't crawling on ~me~ I love them too! Would love to decorate my house in preserved bugs, in all honesty. They're cheaper than taxidermy!
Flowers: Now those I prefer alive! Trying to turn my front lawn into a pollinator garden.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my comic last... year. I try to give as I'd like to receive, I've just been taking a break from ComicFury lately!
That is a very unique character design. At first I thought she was a boy though lol.
I like the style and the expressions ...!