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Webcomic profile: Beyond Beauty
Beyond Beauty
A unique twist on a classic tale...Updates Monday and Wednesday Art by Crystal Jayme, Story by Najela Cobb
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Content flags: Nudity
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 1st Apr 2013, 7:05 AM
Number of comics: 36
Number of subscribers: 42
Visitors: 58207 visitors (466804 pages viewed)
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Webcomic description

Sixty years ago, the Forest Goddess "disappeared" and since then the Elders of August's village require lineage to define your profession. For August, he is being trained to be a hunter, just like his ancestors. Unfortunately, August sucks at what he does. After being killed trying to save one of his hunting companions, August is revived by the shapeshifting Forest Goddess, Elu. As a result, August has strange powers that allow him to speak magical languages, bend plants to his will, and feel every Hunter-caused death in the forest. He is determined to stop these powers and the only way to do this is to convince the Hunters to stop going into the forest. When tragedy strikes the village on a massive scale, August is cast out into the forest to appease it. Together, Elu and August seek to restore balance to the forest and the village.


Most recent comments left on Beyond Beauty

Guest (Guest)
6th Apr 2013
it's actually "cackle" not "kackle"
it's a good story so far but you should notice these things preuploading
Left on Page 23
Guest (Guest)
6th Apr 2013
"There is no future for you where come from" did you mean there is no future for where you come from? sorry i'm just not sure if you realised or if that's how its meant to be.
Left on Page 25
5th Apr 2013
Love this story! Looking forward to seeing where it goes :)
Left on Kickstarter
1st Apr 2013
I'm so sorry for the silence. I didn't plan to be gone for so long, but I'm back with a kickstarter. I'm planning to have updates continue sometime during the summer. I apologize for the long absence, but I hope you remain patient because Beyond Beauty will be coming back in full force. (if/when the kickstarter reaches it's goal.)

Here's the link:
Left on Kickstarter
30th Mar 2013
It'll be coming back in the summer, I hope. I'm glad you're liking it so far. If you like it, I hope you'd consider contributing to the kickstarter campaign I will be starting in a few weeks.
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