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Beyond Bloom
"One flower is poisonous. The other is the antidote. In the lore of this land, neither can grow without the other"
Last update: 29th Jun 2021, 10:02 PM
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Beyond Bloom is a mostly fun and lighthearted adventure story with roots that take you deeper into the quiet island of Jaddo, where we meet two peculiar travelers who were transformed from flowers.

Along their adventures, they will make new friends, face mysterious enemies... and perhaps they may even discover why magical beings like them can exist in a world without magic.

(fantasy/comedy/romance/drama) | Maturity Rating: Will contain blood, moderate violence, potentially disturbing content, and the occasional suggestive gag. Somewhere around PG or PG13


Hello, hello

La is most likely a human and has been drawing comics since she learned how to write. She loves animated movies, crisp autumn air, and has an intense fondness for cats.

Beyond Bloom is her longest running story, and has began when she was 12 years old. After finally completing those ol' plot-hole-ridden pencil comics in high school, she'd finally decided to try remaking it with a little more polish and shine (though there's no guarantee it won't still have its flaws. Hurr hurr.)

For more work by La:
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Their cells wouldn't necessarily conform to normal Ideas of "animal" or "plant".
Those cells came to be through mutation/selection, not magic.
These, on the other hand, were apparently made by magic, and as such are free to not conform to the limitations of animal, plant, or even fungus.
The starting point of their transformation were flowers, but they are different now.
But I digress.
I have heard of experiments in which the cell walls of flower cells were removed, leaving only the membrane.
such cells would have a similar fleshy squish, while still being capable of photosynthesis, though that would still suggest that they would be, say, green or green-haired.
alternatively, it was magic.
Not really, one's a flower and one's a bush, and berries aren't separate living things, so it's no more cannibalism or infanticide than when a human eats chicken eggs
Yeah, and considering that they've only ever met 2 people before this event, I imagine it must be rather startling >.>