PMD: Beyond The Boundaries
The world is a small place.
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You’ve heard the story before. A human deep in the forest has forgotten who they are, finds out they’ve become a Pokémon, and sets out on a journey to recover their memories...

Oh, but there’s no obligation to do that, is there? Fate can’t be that cruel, right? Xylia, a Snivy in this exact situation, figures as much. In attempt to start anew with an unexpected friend in Enzo the Riolu, she’ll find herself on an arduous journey...

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welcome back, hope everything’s been going well for you lately
Wow no trust in her in the final panel dang.
Love the last panel hahaha
No matter how long the wait is, I will always be here for the next page in this series.

That last panel though...hello. Ain't this something to return to.