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In the wake of a great plague, various young soldiers and wayfarers from the Linked Kingdom are brought together to create a perfect panacea and avoid mass infection across the country.


I make crummy art and drink tea with way too much milk. Currently in highschool and making comics to try improve my artwork. That’s about all.

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Best part about making a webcomic?
Being able to shove my music playlist in everyone’s faces
with that said, here’s a song I kept banging my head to while sketching out the next few pages
Author Note
Archer Xanthorg
Thanks! I wonder what an anchorman is...

ے' -'
underestimated how much of a pain the shading would be cause of the lamp, so I ended up being half an hour late.
But do not worry!! I’ll try not to make a habit outta this

In other news, big ol’ round of applause to Archer Xanthorg for guessing that the duo were being followed by the seal!
Author Note
Archer Xanthorg
I bet it's the seal.
More colour changin boiiis
Author Note