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Comic profile: Bicycle Boy
Bicycle Boy
Bicycles in deserts.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago
Number of comics: 226
Number of subscribers: 557
Visitors: 262476 visitors (1736847 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (856 votes)

Comic description

A cyborg wakes up in the middle of nowhere with no recollection of who he is. In search of answers, he explores the land--with the intent to find that information.

Thus, adventure ensues.

This comic contains graphic imagery. This includes bloodshed, minor gore, murder and other flavours of violence, colourful language, sexual and other upsetting themes, and plenty of other things that will probably offend you. Enjoy.


I like to explore, ride my bike (what a surprise ha), and draw.
I want to go on an adventure someday.
Electroswing, rock, metal and ambient music tickle my fancy.
If you're looking for sweet tunes, try Röyksopp, System of a Down,
Gorillaz, or Snowmine.

Bicycle Boy is my first full length, full colour comic.

Most recent comments left on Bicycle Boy

Greenwood Goat
23rd Jul 2017
Dose shoulder studs - hopefully daddy-o will remember they're there before he tries to give his daughter a ride on his shoulders. >X=•>

I've never been bothered by these Disqus ads because I never have to see them. I use NoScript, which blocks first- and third-party scripts on a domain-by-domain basis. The ads appear to originate from - a separate domain which I have never unblocked - and blocking it doesn't appear to break anything else.

BTW, I don't use an adblocker or block ads as such, just the ones that require Flash, Java or client-side scripting - server-side scripted ads are fine.
Left on 5-19
Crystal Pepsi (Guest)
23rd Jul 2017
"Disqus is Disgust"
just remove the disqus comment system entirely. I know of a few comics I follow regularly that use comicfury already just to keep the Web 2.0 stuff away and keep the site simple. you want to keep the stuff like Disqus far away from a comic site. there used to be a time when you could read any webcomic on a decent connection with a Pentium II; now you need an Atom minimum to access some of these sites because of Web 2.0 elements bogging them down and using CPU time they shouldn't need to be hogging up.

although my reasoning is different for why you should get rid of Disqus, I'm no fan of ads either; I probably won't see them if ublock is running, anyway; else, one of the filter lists will eventually add it in if it gets bad enough.

Left on 5-19
23rd Jul 2017
Nooooooo this is too heartbreaking. I don't know what happened but it's so sad D:
Left on 5-19
21st Jul 2017
No correction possible of my previous post so here I am in a new one--I had to log in for this one! :):?
Anyway, Love the glimpse into Machk's past--whether his child or his sister's or whomver's--he has reason to be sad and glad in one.
Left on 5-19
Karyl (Guest)
21st Jul 2017
Did you post a page today? I don't see anything
Left on 5-19