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Dive into magic, friendship, adventure, and pure ridiculousness with the universe's wackiest magical girls!
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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A gag-per-day series Follows the exploits of numerous magical girls and their bizarre adventures throughout the galaxy.

Join Cielo Rodriguez a.k.a. "Valiant Red", and her wacky friends as they fight intergalactic tyrants, prevent crime, travel to distant lands and strange new worlds, and just do whatever they feel like.


Jaycee Storm
Jaycee Storm
Hey, guys! My name is Jaycee and I draw comics!

I love anime, manga, music, and a good ol' cheese pizza.


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Jaycee Storm
Hahaha thanks! It was super fun drawing Taylor (in both forms).

Yeah, I too am excited for the cameos as well. A page featuring Umella would be FUCKING AWESOME.

Cielo just comes in like “Surprise motherfucker!” Got to love intense violence. But also sad that she doesn’t get paid enough. Such is life.

Also just wanted to thank you again for the fan art. It meant a lot and it was really cool seeing Taylor in your style. Makes me excited for when you get to the cameos and I can see Umella in all her glory.
Jaycee Storm
Don't. Fuck. With. Cielo's. Jewelry.

More madness tomorrow!
Author Note
Jaycee Storm
That dude doesn't get paid nearly enough for all the shit he does for Nefertari.

Also, future pages will go more into detail on Rokutara's philosophies, so I definitely plan to elaborate on that.
Jaycee Storm