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Comic profile: Blacktail and Marz
Blacktail and Marz
A webcomic
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 11 days ago, 4:21 AM
Number of comics: 143
Number of subscribers: 19
Visitors: 45057 visitors (137472 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (97 votes)

Comic description

Space... a frontier traveled by not many with dangers lurking from planet to galaxy to... blah dee blah. Here is the story and adventures of two space travelers: an earthling named Marz and her trusted alien companions, Blacktail, King, and Ba. So get ready to fasten your seat belts, and brace yourselves for one wild ride through space, time, and whatever crazy shenanigans that have the likelihood to happen.


A comic reader/comic artist who loves fantasy, adventure, and horror. Also very bizarre...

Most recent comments left on Blacktail and Marz

9 days ago
I love this crossover idea! A pristine embodiment of the Wyrecats. :)
Left on The Search for Murmilna (Crossover 1:Wyrecats)
11 days ago
Also you can read more about Miss J and the AMs and their universe at
Left on The Search for Murmilna (Crossover 3: Miss J and the AMs)
4th Jul 2018
Also don't forget to check out Tic Toc Tom at ;)
Left on The Search for Murmilna (Crossover 2:Tic Toc Tom)
Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui
29th Jun 2018
Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui
Cross-over is real!!!
Left on The Search for Murmilna (Crossover 1:Wyrecats)