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Tad is a thoughtful boy who feels like he doesn’t quite fit in anywhere, so he begins to isolate himself from other people to better focus on his studies. One day, he discovers a strange mollusk-like creature being attacked by a cat. He rescues her and finds that she sings beautiful songs like a flute, so he names her Pieper. When Tad shows the creature to his mother, he learns the shocking truth about what Pieper is, where she came from, and who his father really is. Tad vows to make the journey to the world beneath our feet, and to be a better, stronger person than his dad ever was.

This is a Slugterra fan comic that I’m doing as an experiment. It’s inspired by the Into the Shadows arc, and focuses on young Thaddeus D. Blakk’s perspective and backstory. It will probably be a bit on the shorter side and may update pretty slow with no set schedule, since I have a busy life usually. However, I am very excited to try this!)


Sharon Kadach is a digital artist and webcomic creator who is heavily influenced by animation and comics. Her use of bright colours and clean cel-shading reflect her fun and straightforward art style.
Sharon grew up in a large family and has lived most of her life in the countryside, which was pretty quiet and gave her lots of room to think. Shortly after she turned 16, Sharon drew a picture of a ninja girl named Katana Markus who had a yellowish complexion and a blue uniform. The rest is I guess, history!

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Hey! It’s nice to have something to post again <3 Here we meet Anna, Tad’s mother. She is probably the only original character in this story, I think everybody else is already in the show somewhere.

If you’ve seen the show, I’m curious - do you think Tad lived with his mother before coming to Slugterra? I think that’s very likely, I mean, he certainly didn’t learn any gentleness from his father, and while Tad ends up becoming pretty ruthless, he’s very gentle with Pieper I find.
Of course I’m getting ahead of myself, Pieper isn’t quite here yet! Ooooooh I can’t wait!!


I’ve mentioned before that this comic has no schedule and updates randomly and sometimes pretty slowly because A: life stuff and B: I have another comic which takes priority over this one. Still, this comic is also important to me, and slow and steady wins the race eventually!
Author Note
Aw thank you, I’m so glad! The style is a bit different than my main comic, and while I’m still experimenting, I’m aiming for a style that somewhat mimics the show, chunky CGI and all ;)
Mingan Wolf
Even if I didn't see the show, this is an interesting concept! Also, the style is really pleasing to the eye, you pulled that off very well <3
I think it’s time I properly introduced this comic!

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with the source material, Blakk’s Legacy is a Slugterra fancomic that’s actually about two of the show’s antagonists!


Whaaaat? How could such adorable looking kiddos be antagonists you ask? Well let me start at the beginning...
Slugterra follows the story of Eli Shane after he makes the drop down from the surface (Earth) to an underground world called Slugterra, where slugs are powerful creatures used as ammunition, currency, pets...and they basically keep the magical energy of the world balanced too I guess, it’s weird XD
Eli’s first (and main) antagonist he faces is Dr. Blakk, a cruel and powerful businessman who is responsible for the disappearance of Eli’s father, and the inventor of a terrible process called Ghouling, which is combining slugs and a substance called dark water to make the slugs into evil, more powerful versions of themselves.
Blakk eventually is defeated by Eli and his friends, but nearly a year later, they encounter a boy (who is also from the surface) named Tad, who at first comes across as naive and kind-hearted, but later reveals that he was playing the Shane Gang all along and that he is actually the son of Dr. Blakk, hoping to restore the family business of ghouling. Tad uses his hypnotic slug Pieper to control all the slugs and ghouls, and it’s all pretty devastating, but I find myself asking a lot of questions about this character. When did Blakk have a son, and why was his son on the surface at all? Who was/ is Tad’s mother? Why is Tad trying so hard to prove himself better than his father, when he clearly is not completely heartless and cruel like him?

It’s these questions that led me to make this story, and I hope you enjoy it, whether you’ve seen the show or not :) Thanks for reading!
Author Note
First page finally up! I wanna talk more about my plans for this comic, but for now I gotta run, kinda like the kids on this page ;)
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