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Comic profile: Boys Love Boys' Love
Boys Love Boys' Love
Updates Monday's and Thursdays
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 4:54 AM
Number of comics: 39
Number of subscribers: 4
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Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

Comic description

Do you ever wonder who you would be if your life was only a little bit different? In a universe where the magical and spiritual elements of life are active all around us, college-bound Dakota Ryder navigates the his life as a 20 year old Pagan bachelor in 1996. An attempt at a rebound goes about as wrong as possible and changes his life forever.
16+ for suggestive themes, implied nudity. Probably best not to read at work.


A person just trying to have fun while alive. I have a day job to support my art. Personal growth never ceases, and part of my growth is telling this story.

Most recent comments left on Boys Love Boys' Love

I think we all learn about this spell at some point in our college lives. Whether or not we use this great power, though......
Left on Chapter 2 Page 10
8 days ago
That's right Dakota, you're your own man now. Of course getting drunk and trying to make a love spell had nothing to do with your ex.

So this page puts us about halfway through chapter 2. I can tell already I have a few things to work on, going forward. I'm really glad I've taken the time to slow down on updates, I've been re-working scripts of coming pages and chapters constantly. As many things as I think could be improved, there'd be so many more if I wasn't giving myself time to think about what I'm actually doing before I even get to the drawing stage.

This is the first long-form story I've written, so I'm trying not to treat it too seriously, but I'm such an analytical person I keep trying to pick apart the "writing process" and create something "the right way." But doing this is about figuring out the right way for me, I guess.....and no matter what I do, 70-something pages down the line this is very obviously going to be the beginning of me learning what that is. And another hundred pages from that I'll have learned even more. So. I'm enjoying it, even if it's hard. I hope you are too. It means a lot that you're here reading 💜
Left on Chapter 2 Page 8
12 days ago
I’m liking the look of hand-drawn panels a lot better. I did one in chapter 1 and liked it so I don’t know why I didn’t just....stick with it.
Left on Chapter 2 Page 7
3rd Sep 2018
I really like Dakota’s mom, she’s a lot of fun to draw and write
Left on Chapter 2 Page 6
30th Aug 2018
Jesus Demon, what rock have you been living under?
Left on Chapter 2 Page 5