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Do you ever wonder who you would be if your life was only a little bit different? In a universe where the magical and spiritual elements of life are active all around us, college-bound Dakota Ryder navigates the his life as a 20 year old Pagan bachelor in 1996. An attempt at a rebound goes about as wrong as possible and changes his life forever.
16+ for suggestive themes, implied nudity. Probably best not to read at work.


A person just trying to have fun while alive. I have a day job to support my art. Personal growth never ceases, and part of my growth is telling this story.

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So does the father not realize he's a demon, even with those ears?
Don't pull hair like this lmfao Dakotas an idiot and Khuba can't get "hurt" physically, don't follow their example
Author Note
Oof lads I've gone back to work and I am Not Adjusting Well! Balancing the comic and full time work is gonna be a process....
Author Note
Damn, I really kind of can't believe I've kept at this long....
Here's hoping I can say that one year from now too! Times are .... sure times! Have some Tanlines to brighten your day.
Author Note
I'm writing this a month in advance and sure wonder what the world looks like right now. Quarantine has been restful for me and I'm very thankful I have the security to allow for it to be so. Please enjoy your regularly scheduled BLBL!
Author Note