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Heroic optimism in the face of brutal reality.
Last update: 3rd Aug 2020, 2:00 PM
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When people think of Millennials they imagine young, energetic go-getters striking out into a brave new world, starting companies and reaching once unimaginable technological heights.

Horus Flowerchild is not this kind of Millennial. She knows these Millennials and desperately wants to be one of them, yet has a near perfect track record of failure in spite of her best efforts. Horus is a ticking time bomb of desperation and crippling anxiety, dosed up to the eyeballs on anti depressants and energizer drinks and raising blind optimism to heroic levels.

Bleeding Ink is a comic for the failure in all of us. It’s a story that exposes the underbelly of a generation, that not every Millennial is going to be "crushing it", but may instead just get…crushed.


Writer, artist and filmmaker. A ticking time bomb of insecurity and social anxiety, sure to go screaming off the deep end at any-

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This time of year I go for a run around 5:30 in the morning! First light, you know.
Nobody needs to be awake at 5:20 in the morning!

(This is why we invented slingshots and BB guns)
Your getting a bit angry they're
No this isn't a pet peeve of mine- WHY DO YOU ASK!?
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Do you think it's the price for having a creative talent?