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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A lost boy is found in the middle of post-apocalyptic suburban gang wars. Hijinks, action, and a freaky conspiracy ensue.


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BLKSTR will start updating every other Friday starting October 15! see you then!
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Hello! Thank you all for reading BLKSTR! It's been a great first year! The comic will be going on hiatus until the end of Februrary 2020. Follow me on twitter to stay in the loop! @readblkstr
Author Note
Here it finally is! Apologies for the wait. Music by https://soundcloud.com/wavytrains
Author Note
BLKSTR will be back this summer with a video update! Stay in touch by following @readblkstr on twitter!
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Follow BLKSTR on twitter and stay in the loop! @readblkstr
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