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Wow spooky!
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Two sisters go trick or treating on Halloween night with an autumn spirit, but not every ghoul out and about is looking for candy. When vampires start to roam, the girls and their new trickster friend must find ways to prank the monsters out of the neighborhood before more townsfolk get picked off. This series is inspired by my love of cutesy Halloween themes and 60's-80s horror films. Comic is recommended for 16+. Contains horror imagery and mild violence. Updates weekly.

Story and art by Rezllen, editing by Tooie

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Hi! I make toony horror content! Find me on twitter and instagram under the same name. My website is http://rezllen.com

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God I love Sid. His facial expressions crack me up.
"♩♬ All I wanna do, is see you take me to, a giant spooky woman ♫♪"
Good question to ask, considering...
Thank you! I'm a huge fan of playing with tropes and themeing with polar opposite feelings in my writing and seeing how they mesh together. A lot of my favorite stories do similar things where it'll incorporate say a lot of horror and well as a lot of humor or touching moments to make each moment more impactful for both the scary stuff and the touching stuff. It's a lot of fun to play with and I feel like provides really interesting results that also feels very genuine to me personally.
Thank you! >:D