Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Comic
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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An 11 year old girl runs away from her home of Kanto and travels to Alola, a tropical grouping of islands. Determined that she is ready to start her Pokemon journey despite never meeting a Pokemon in her life, let alone knowing anything about them, she embarks on a quest across the region, a trainer's journey, as every kid does at 11. Little does she know, there's more to the world around her... And maybe even herself.


A stupid artist creating stupid stories.

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I hope that’s excited screaming!
Lil baby....
im really tired rn

starting to feel that thing of every time you're working you think 'i should take a break' and every time you take a break you think 'i should work.'

blom do NOT hold a caterpie like that
Author Note
uhhh idk if yall are even gonna notice but i changed this page last-minute so if anything seems weird that's why

also early update! ive now thumbnailed all of chapter 1 and i feel really good about it >:) ive also been able to make a really good workflow; i got 2 pages done yesterday and its making the goal of 'finish chapter 1 by the end of the summer' so real to me and it feels epic... to think i was worried about 2 updates a week earlier.
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i'm pretty sure she, like... totally forgot that was an option. mostly because no one wants to talk to her.