Boatcrash Chronicles
A wacky biographical hackjob!
Last update: 22nd Oct 2014, 12:01 PM
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An outlandishly distorted interpretation of the life of a guy that plays a lot of video games.


I got nothin'.

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It's... been a while since I've posted a comic.
But, hey, nothing like a little skin to bring back the readers, huh?
Author Note
The book Boatcrash is reading was titled "Beloved Characters From Your Childhood Yet To Be Tragically Exploited" but it was unreadable, so I just left the cover blank. Plus, I seem to remember some pretty awful Frogger games in the early 2000s...
Author Note
Whoops. 3-day weekends totally throw off my schedule. I sat down this evening to make what I thought was going to be tomorrow's comic, but finally realized today was actually Tuesday. So I had to fall back to a comic I had sitting around...
I drew this a couple weeks ago, but I could decide on the dialog. It was made in a way that BC could have literally said anything, and the more nonsensical the better.
I nearly went with "OMG! I just realized that the secret to life is... oh, wait, we're not in Malta. Nevermind."
Lady Boatcrash also could have been dreaming about anything. "Needs more cheese, I can still see asphalt" was definitely a contender.
In the end, I went against my usual plan and decided on brevity. Next week: back to long-winded video game jokes!
Author Note
It's truly the best way to go.
Bluetooth waffle maker, I need one