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Last update: 13th May 2021, 2:56 PM
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I don't own this game, or characters. Everything belongs to Beemoov.

This is fancomic about My Candy Love / Sweet Crush. Main character is Bodic (nickname Box) who is fairy, just like her aunt.


Rika Ruusuvaara
Rika Ruusuvaara
If I was a season, I would be autumn. If I were an animal, I would be a bird.
If I were sweeties, I'd be chocolate. If I were a professional, I would be an artist.
Jos olisin vuodenaika, olisin syksy. Jos olisin eläin, olisin lintu.
Jos olisin karkki, olisin suklaa. Jos olisin ammatti, olisin taiteilija.

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Rika Ruusuvaara
We'are back in this time.
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Rika Ruusuvaara
.......and one cup.........
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Rika Ruusuvaara
First meeting
Author Note
This also reminds me of adults when I was a kid. XD
I guess it is kind of sad. I'm not sure how I got to feeling like that. Probably adults saying things that made me uncomfortable when I was a little boy who thought girls had cooties or something. XD