Bones and the Space Jolly Rogers
The tale of Bones's adventures with the space pirates
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Princess-turned-hostage Bones found herself with new life with longtime space pirates and learned that there is world outside her royal castle. Plenty of adventure and piracy awaits Bones as she adjusts to new life and reality of the world she lives in.


Physics torture victim who loves to make comics in free time.

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Happy Thanksgiving from USA! I am releasing this page early, and I may put out page 8 this weekend.
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Meet the space outlaws!

Feedback are welcome!
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I'm back! I am experimenting with black background, but feedbacks are welcome! Also, guess what would happen next?
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I didn't like how basic the previous pages were, so I added more details to see if that would improve it some. I also decided to release this page early.
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Happy Halloween! Next page should be out on Nov. 6 or 7.
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