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Dia is an Inkbound — one of a unique race of people who can manipulate and use ink to make things come alive. Unfortunately her powers are weak compared to her peers. After taking a leap of faith to help a mysterious cartoon-like cat, she's plunged into an adventure spanning a vast multiverse, both trying to protect it from those who want to control it, and finding her real home within it.

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I am a born and raised Christian, but only really started a relationship with Him a few years ago. I'm currently working on a webcomic called Bound in Ink, Born of Stars. My goal is to inspire those who feel like they're alone and outcasted.

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And that someone is Jesus the Christ, who is our greatest comforter in our most difficult times and trials! I would love to see Jesus appear in this comic, ( In which He already is, just invisible), but that only your choice, not my choice, it is only your will and not mine, so it's your choice. I just thought of how amazing it will be if Jesus appeared in the comic when Dia or Crinkle needs your help, but actually He is always there with them, whether visible or not, He is always there, so it doesn't matter. Either way He is always there with you, with them, with everyone, Blessed be the Lord, Amen!
When feeling down, you often want to reach out to someone for comfort.
Author Note
I'm sure many know how this feels...
Author Note
Thank you so much! It means a lot!
just found this comic on the recently updated page, really love the art and the premise! interested in seeing where this is going :-D