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Kids and Monsters go on an adventure!
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The world is filled with mystery, treasure and monsters! Any boy's dream come true, especially for our hero, Marco. Ever since his fateful meeting as a child, he swore to make it to the End of the World and find the Rainbow Egg. Nothing can stop Marco and his friends from undertaking this journey of a lifetime.


The Boys Land Crew is comprised of a writer and artist duo.
We work to make the best adventure story where kids and monsters explore together!

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I'm dying here
Aw thank you, I sometimes wonder if my comments are a little too silly. XD

I sure am! They're going to have to keep the popcorn rolling in with how much I'm enjoying your characters!
It's not like she just saved you or anything ya ingrate 😂

Thanks for your comments and enthusiasm so far!
It's really fun to read your reactions.

I hope you continue to enjoy the journey coming up.