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an unforgettable luncheon
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Principality Aziraphale invites Archangel Gabriel for an unforgettable luncheon. However I originally came up with this at the beginning of last year and then forgot about it thrice.

This piece of Good Omens trash will try to update every week. I'm so good at time management.

(This is a birthday present. You know who you are.)


Surreal multimedia artist who draws with minerals in various states of distress. Here to fictionally drown in uchronia and transhumansm.

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To the people/person who decided to rate this a 5/5: Thank you. What is wrong with you.
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Well. This comic does what the title says. I don't know what I was expecting when I clicked on this. I don't know if this concept is cursed or blessed.
this bookshop is missing a lot of books
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Is this what I think it is.
Sweet baby Buddha I hope it is.
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